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Good Morning, Atlanta.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, August 14, 2003 at 11:55 am by flerly.

I have a design project. I’m sitting here, vibrating with excitement at the prospect of it. I don’t recall the last time I had a design project that didn’t say “Just copy such and such site and change the navigation.” This is new, this is fresh, this is off the top of my head.I don’t know where to start, I’m so excited. I have two days.

*sigh* Well, in other news, went to LoneStar last night, which I have to say is fast becoming a favorite place to eat. Nummy. JT and I are goofy out, and I love it. (Just the look on the hostess’ face when he tells me that the two toothpicks that were sticking up, which I conveniently grabbed, were probably poisoned, implying I fell into their little trap… well, that was priceless.) Then off to Best Buy and Barnes & Noble to kill time before our SWAT viewing at 9:30. Read most of a guide book for beginning climbers about what to look for in your first climbing shoes, tips & techniques, how to get yourself into shape for climbing, etc. etc. Very interesting. Then, of course, SWAT… which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed. Boom! Action! Let’s blow shit up! with just enough character development to keep me interested. JT says “there were SO many flaws in the details of that movie,” but like I’d know. Like I know what gear a SWAT team is supposed to use or how their tactics are supposed to work… it was believable to me. And, well, I think JT enjoyed it, too, despite the flaws.

Afterwards, a little Southpark repeat and then some sleep of the dead. I’ve been doing that a lot lately… the sleep of the dead. Barely lay down and I’m out cold, and don’t wake up until the alarm REALLY starts to get annoying. A blink and the night is gone. No dreams. No sense of time passing. I thought that kind of sleep was supposed to be restful, but honestly I just feel cheated by not having any memory of rest periods between all these waking hours.

I’m glad we didn’t go climbing last night. I think my left shoulder was still too sore, and from what I’ve read, especially if you’re new at it, you have to allow your body time to recover or you risk injuries to those muscles that aren’t used to getting a workout. I know we’re doing dinner out with Skittles & Par tonight, so we won’t be climbing tonight either, so some other cardio or exercise should be in order.. perhaps I can squeeze some in before dinner.

I gave Marc a mild heart attack this morning (though I shouldn’t joke). Conference call I had to be here for was at 10 am. I walked in the door at 9:55. He was going nuts. =) Several of us are supposed to do lunch today to discuss yesterday’s news. Should be… interesting.

Well… I guess that’s enough babble. I could go on all day, but I need to start brainstorming on designs.

Note: Just have to add: Netflix Shipping Notice: Challenge of the Superfriends: United They Stand. Arriving on or around Friday, Aug 15 2003 w00t w00t w00t


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