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<i>good morning or good evening depending on when you read this…</i>

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, August 16, 2003 at 10:16 am by flerly.

Mom has learned that I don’t receive and read an email precisely when she sends it out, thus the subject is her new usual greeting to me.

Today’s agenda: Party party party. It’s Saturday special, a get together to trash ‘s house… I mean, a sweet little gathering of the girls to view her latest home improvements and attempt to contact Elvis with the ouija board. Oh, and hopefully I’ll get to see Magoo’s house, too.

Other things on today’s agenda: clean up our damn kitchen and kick out the small furry creatures that have taken up residence there since it’s last cleaning. do a workout tape. since Stacy’s cuzzy isn’t available, see if anybody else might want to come help me with some “personal” yardwork… you know, mow the grass that’s a little long, trim the hedges…

NOT on today’s agenda: deal with mom’s latest flip/flop on the house selling issue. think about the fact that i have 3 paychecks left until I am unemployed. think about the fact that I need to spend tomorrow working because I already decided to take last Thursday and Friday pretty much off to shop.

When my alarm went off this morning, 99x was replaying their stunt that kept me in the car Thursday morning (causing Marc’s heart attack that I was gonna ditch his conference call)… their interview with Joe Rogan which their phone system wouldn’t disconnect. They kept eavesdropping on him and his interview coordinator talking about who he would be interviewing with next, then he’d be put on hold to connect to the new station, and 99x would bust in pretending to be different DJs and start interviewing him again. They revealed themselves finally when the coordinator came back on the line and asked Joe who he was talking to, then they “hung up” and got to hear more juice about Joe giving the coordinator hell about the “not hanging up situation” and how that better not happen again. Of course, listeners know that 99x is still eavesdropping and will probably do it again, especially after that exchange. No sympathy from these DJs not wanting to get that coordinator girl in trouble any more… So yeah, they do it again, this time doing a pitiful job of faking Boston accents, and Joe Rogan catches on immediately. He’s upset but trying to be cool, “Why are you guys still here? Why won’t you hang up?” They insist “It’s not us, it’s your phone system. We hang up, then if we pick up again, you’re still there. We’ve tried it several times.” They managed to keep him on the line until finally his coordinator chick hooked him up to another station and the other DJs came on the line at the same time. Joe and 99x tried to explain what was going on, but the other DJs where like.. well, then just hang up and don’t use that line for a while so we can do our interview….. so they did.

I was laughing my ass off driving to work listening to this, and when it was still going on when I had arrived, I had to sit there and keep listening. But… try explaining this to some customer sitting on a conference call waiting for my brilliant input.

Anyway.. I’ve got to get moving here. Must seek out caffeine.


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