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humpday.. shyeah

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, March 13, 2002 at 11:01 pm by flerly.

killed an evening musing on ideas for flerly.com, without too much luck. managed to distract myself long enough to miss the new Southpark… now i’ll be staying up late to catch it. I THINK James and Jim are around here someplace, because I can HEAR the sounds of Dark Age, but I haven’t seen them in hours. I suppose I could go visit the back of somebody’s chair if I really cared, but what’s the point…

Finished my Shadow of the Hegemon book (latest Ender series book), and now I just can’t get into the swing to start anything new. Need to pickup the Unix book… maybe I will.

At this point, I think i’ll just kick back and watch the Neverending Story, and try not to think about how dull tomorrow will be on top of today’s blah. Oh.. and if the Transouth people don’t quit fucking calling me at work, I’m going to explode… next paycheck I’m going to pay ahead on that damn car and maybe they’ll leave me alone. Stupid online banking.

Other things that suck…. okay, how about Livejournal. seems like 80% of the time I get “Cannot find server” error trying to pull up my site. Guess it’s the curse of being a free user. Other things… AIM buddy lists.. I have been trying to delete a bunch of old contacts from my AIM list for days. I do it, then when I sign on at work, it updates them before I can delete them there. Then I sign on at home, and they’re back, so I delete them. It’s a vicious cycle. Other things… rain, traffic, fog, dumbasses who don’t signal–whoa, where’d all that latent road rage come from, been home for hours. Other things that suck… allergy medicine that says it won’t make you drowsy, but lists “fatigue” as a side-effect. MAJOR thing that sucks… the arrangement of my desk at work so that I can’t work on personal projects without it being obvious… not like they care, but who wants every smuck who walks by to be able to glance over and see flerly.com. Other things that suck…stepping on a piece of glass in the kitchen two days in a row–at least Jim confessed he witnessed a cat knock the glass off and he tried to clean it up, so now I know where the glass is coming from. Final thing that sucks –since this is really more than enough– the fact that nobody I know can stand to listen to my music in a car, when it so makes driving less stressful. Do I complain when the last 15 times I’ve gotten into a car the same, repetitive, whiny-girl, thumping techno is playing or the 15 times before that was the same pumpkins cd? Nope, but passengers in my car, feel free to turn down or off whatever I’m listening to… Actually, go ahead… feel free, because i wont say a word, i’ll only complain in livejournal.

Things that don’t suck… The Neverending Story, for one. Krull, last night’s featured presentation. The recent rise in sci-fi/fantasy genre at the movies… which reminds me, it’s about time to see LOTR again. Last time I checked, JasonC was on 5 times… can’t let that hermit out-view me.

Oh, speaking of the hermit, had several conversations with him today. He was the co-lackey responsible for getting “my big bloated baby” online yesterday, and he spent most of today asking for advice on modifying the agent product to go with it. Even brought up how he would be spending the afternoon… with a run to de-stress…without prompting. He’s training for a marathon or something… who cares.

Another thing that doesn’t suck… making people nervous by looking them in the eye while they are talking. I’ve found that one quite fun of late… especially if i’m just one of a group being addressed, I do my best to catch the speaker’s eye, since I’ve noticed this puts them off after a while. With the dull droning babbling I’ve had to sit and listen to lately, spending the time actually taking note of where and how their eyes are moving, and noting their uncomfortableness as they continue to lock eyes with me, has been very entertaining. Used this trick on PaulH and DavidC at work mostly of late. Very entertaining.

HEY! I know what the problem is.. I miss Maggie. She needs to ditch her ‘rents and come hang out with me. Or, the problem COULD still be that I’m not allowed to take a bubble bath yet from this steeeenking tattoo. That’s usually a big time-wasting, de-stresser.

Ugh.. who knows. Who cares. Typing has been fun, but I think this is more than enough.


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  1. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    awww…you miss me 🙂 i’m touched. and bored and not tired, even though it’s 11:00-something. think i’ll come over and tool around…maybe call first. yeah. good idea.

    March 13, 2002 @ 4:18 pm

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