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save… me… God…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, August 22, 2003 at 10:45 am by flerly., thanks Skittles.

Why did I need to know the IP of livejournal? Oh, just because the latest in our “fun with server migration” game is that our DNS is out. Just kill me. Thankfully, AIM still works, so I was able to harass Skittles and get an IP of a site to amuse myself with for the morning.

Last night I am pleased to report we FINALLY got our kitchen table delivered and all set up. It’s so weird to have it there. It looks so big in that little breakfast area, but I love it. I’m so pleased, and I already know both cats are pleased with it. High upholstered seats comfy to lay on beneath the glass top table with the sun streaming through the skylight above, warming them. Yeah, perfect for cats.

Well, tried to make a run to the bank this morning to pull some cheese cash out, but was horrified to learn that my ATM card was not in my purse. Fretted over it all morning, only to remember that the other night, when I had pulled my purse out from under my seat, I had noticed that the clasp had fallen open. Sure enough, went out to check under the seat and there it was. Only thing that fell out. *phew*

If I had the dough, it sure might be a nice day to go shopping, since I can’t get out to any sites to work on today. Until Autosave releases their hold on my account and/or I get some rental car reimbursement, though, I think I’d better stick to not spending money.

On the funny side… next week is the last week of the month, and we haven’t turned on one single stinking new site. Not one. And JohnH, our domain guy, is going to be on vacation all next week… so even if we get our shit together to work on new sites, nobody will be around to put them live. August is in the crapper, but I guess that was expected with all this relocating their doing. The call center moved to Santa Ana on Monday, with our 800 number ringing there. So, they got to start out with a shitload of problems of things being down and with no one around to fix them… they’re going nuts. We’re getting customer calling our direct local line to see what’s going on. One guy told Patrick he’d been put on hold several times, the last time for a 1/2 hour (who holds for a half hour on the phone?) until his call finally clicked over to Fort Lauderdale and was answered. Fort Lauderdale? Yeah. Who knows what’s going on.

Well… I guess that’s enough updating … best get to… um.. get to… um… yeah. I got nothing. Best go make some more coffee, I guess.


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  1. birdoprey has made a Comment

    just uses someone else’s dns servers
    like mci or yahoo or something
    or mindspring even
    try that for your dns

    August 22, 2003 @ 4:44 am

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