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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 12:53 pm by flerly.

Traffic is teh suck. My car cd player is teh suck… not loud enough. Desire to explode my ear drums rather than think about traffic was foiled by crappy speakers. And let’s not even talk about air quality in this foul city today… felt need to fetch big knife to cut way through the air from apartment door to car today.

*sigh* I’m pissy. Why? Well, because things just don’t work out. Got a lot done this morning already for work, sure. Been reading more in my new books to get on top of my profession, sure. Allow me to work vent a LITTLE more…

W00H00! We have a staging server! All new sites are built on it and left there until final approval, at which point they are moved up to LIVE! It’s about damn time, right? Well, wouldn’t it be nice if our ASC3 (property search and display code) worked on the staging server? That is to say, wouldn’t it be nice if we could show the customer their search, results, or details page in advance, like we used to? Wouldn’t it be nice if those pages didn’t just crap out and be blank?

And.. w00h00, they’ve moved our “Master” server, previously our server for remote access by the designers, so they could ftp up their mockups and use the web viewable area to send out links to the customers for previewing. Of course, all this was but a small part of what the “Master” server was for, and those things are superfluous, so let’s just forget being able to upload any new stuff or let customer preview things. But WAIT.. we have a workaround.. JamesM built a new demo server, here onsite, where I can COPY things from the old server and place in a new location and send out all new links to the customer! But WAIT… by October 1st there won’t be a “here onsite” anymore and it will go away and we’ll have to have ANOTHER workaround…. JOY!

I really don’t have enough to do.

Tonight.. well, I don’t guess we’re climbing. Being poor is teh suck. End of the month is teh suck. Mosquitos are teh suck. The forecast calling for rain this weekend is teh suck. Insomnia is teh suck. Mysterious neck cramps that feel like some invisible person trying to put the Vulcan neck pinch thing on me are teh suck.

Jeez, it’s only Tuesday.



  1. laedevalle has made a Comment

    Hm, I don’t think I will ever get the “teh” thing. :\

    August 26, 2003 @ 6:54 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    In this case.. it’s not just “teh” it’s “teh suck”, which can be defined as not just ordinary suck, but the ultimate in disgustingly disagreeable or offensive.

    Oh, and it’s fun to type and takes up time.

    August 26, 2003 @ 7:32 am

  3. piskie has made a Comment

    |f y0u w4n7 70 74|<3 up 7|m3, 7ry 7yp|n9 3v3ry7h|n9 |n |337 5p34k.

    August 26, 2003 @ 8:25 am

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