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I am Flerly.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 11:04 am by flerly.

I have the nameplate necklace to prove it. Yours is on backorder, Steve.

I, dear ones, am still grumpy.

First.. this arrived this morning:

As we are all aware, many members of the Comstock team are leaving or nearing the point of leaving. Please know that this process is very difficult for Lloyd and myself to watch. The hope from the beginning is that FNIS would grow our team not dismantle it. While we were not perfect, each day I learn that we were very good in many ways.

Yesterday in our meetings, the over-riding concern of every employee was not self but those who were losing employment and the customer. Many were so passionate that tears swelled in their eyes. It became obvious why we had success.

Allow me to say a special thanks to Jackie Hall. It it usually not a good practice to single out one person but in this case I am certain you will bear with me. Jackie was indeed the “Mother Hen” of the business. She always treated every penny as if it were her own and protected the interest of the company at all cost. Every member of her team has carried this same passion. Jackie, we love you and your team (Darlene, Heidi and Carol). Seeing you leave and walking by the empty office is unbearable.

To the team remaining, please know that Lloyd and I will continue our practice of being open about the situation. Let’s work together to help rebuild this process over again.


Let me just say, TEARS swelled in their eyes? Yeah.. they weren’t emotional about our poor let down customers.. they are wondering if it will be as unbearable when you walk by them in the unemployment line or on the streetcorner with their cup.

Second, well, I’m still slightly annoyed by my polite husband’s struggle to enjoy his sportbike with other local enthusiasts versus his struggle to include, or rather, “not totally exclude” his non-sportbike having wife who is just not waify enough for him to parade around on the back of his bike at any time but the darkest of night in no traffic. Yes, I want my own bike. Yes, I want him to enjoy his. Yes, I go do other things with my friends without him. Yes, he can do these things without me and I don’t mind. But yes, I guess I misunderstood being told about an event with being invited to an event, but damnit.. my misunderstanding was obvious from day one and you could have let me in on it sooner, huh? Silly boy trying to spare my feelings was going to just play ill and not go at all rather than tell me. And yes, I wished rain on him (and it did!) Well, now that I see this Sunday’s ride is supposed to be a “Chicks and newbies” ride, “more for the ladies” and not so much just the “newbies” part as was mentioned, well, then I’m wishing rain on that, too, huh? Annoyed.

Third, my mother. Two freaking hour phone call with her. She rants on and on about her miserable life, barely able to keep up with all the things that need maintenance on that property by herself, but will not consider selling it. When you coming up? Hi, never, do you hear yourself saying how miserable it is? You come see me.

Ugh. There’s more. There is always more. An awkward situation with a primarily LJ buddy caused by a pretty tactless post by a posse member. I don’t know why I find it so irritating when people decide they don’t like me over stupid reasons. I just want everyone to like me, eh? Blah. Niece is stressed.. she sent long email about her job sucking, her health problems, her gaining weight… all things I love to hear. Seems my sister broke a bone in her hand, too. I’m out of touch, and just too busy to really notice it most of the time. It’s irritating to end up on a two-hour phone call or writing a novella for an email because you only ever sit down to see what’s going on with your family once a month, maybe?

Barely time for breakfast. Cats are making me insane. James gave up his side of the bed officially due to cats and slept in the extra room. I think I’ll be very happy when Jim takes Samuel away this weekend. Perhaps Kitty will become “normal” when he’s gone. Packed a stupid, pitiful Atkins lunch, the same one I’ve had every day this week and the last because I’m so creative with my menus. I bought food … to prepare… you know, variety, but damned if I don’t just seem to be lazy. Best I can manage is a frosty lo-carb milkshake to enjoy sitting in a hot bubbly bath in the evenings, which is just about my idea of heaven now. When I hate everything, when I can’t think for dwelling on stupid things, when the stress that I probably mostly make up in my head is driving me insane, nothing saves me more than that. Sitting in water so hot while drinking something so cold, gives you weird goosebumps and sends shivers down your spine. It’s just something you have to try.

I knew this morning before I left, while I was packing my stupid lunch, that here was going to be the last place I wanted to be today. Although, can’t say I’d rather be home. Think I’d rather be… shopping. Maybe today is a good day to skip out and see a movie finally.

Aw, hell. Who wants to read about this crap. Everybody’s life is full of problems. Join the club.

  • I must do laundry. I must put away laundry, dangit.
  • I must clean the bedroom.
  • I must look at how to finance my own damn bike. I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a Suzuki today…

I really love this necklace. Glad I ordered it. Wonder when someone at work will notice my neck says Flerly


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