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The Salmon of Doubt

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 1:13 am by flerly.

That would have been a great title… it would have been another great novel… it’s too bad Douglas Adams is gone. Glad is enjoying the collection still. We’ll have to get more books… I need to reread them all.

Perhaps trying to be flirty, Flomboy does his best to put on his serious face before he asks the cute blonde Long John Silver’s cashier, “So, how many pieces of shrimp are in the 10 piece shrimp dinner?”

Without cracking a smile, as if she gets that sort of question all day long, she matter of factly replies, “10, sir.”

It quickly replaces “duh” in our vocabulary.

Remember the girl at the doctor’s office? The day I wore my RUSH T-shirt? The one that simply says RUSH in big pink sparkly letters? The day after the RUSH concert? (I’m sure you have diligently read all my posts up to date and know this one…) What a cute shirt! … Thanks, I got it at the concert last night…. Oh yeah? What concert? …. Um, the RUSH concert. 10, sir.

Today at Hot Topic…I like your necklace. What does it say? …. It says Flerly. It’s a sort of nickname…. Oh, that’s what I thought. 10, sir.

Well… plans for con are still up in the air… I guess if it doesn’t look like I’ll be going to the Chamber tomorrow night afterall, then I may go hang at con w/o badge just for the parties. Perhaps I could kidnap Magoo? (Yes, I would pick you up.. and we can get ice cream first… would you want to?)

Oh well. I guess I ought to just go to bed. Have a lot of house to clean tomorrow before JamesT’s company arrives.


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