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Did you invite me to something?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, September 4, 2003 at 11:54 am by flerly.

Scorpio: Have you been invited to a party that’s supposed to take place today? If you think you haven’t, you’d better check your calendar again! All signs imply that you could forget a lot of important things right now – and one of them might be a social event, perhaps business-related. This might not be one of your best days. Usually you tend to have a memory like an elephant. But just for today, keep your calendar handy!

Watching Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters kept me up until 2 am last night, earned me a “so you finally decided to come to bed” out of my smart-ass husband, and left me not really tired. Everytime I closed my eyes I started into the weirdest dreams. Dark, grotesque, disturbing dreams, but they were just snippets and didn’t go anywhere thankfully due to the number of times I kept waking up all night.

This isn’t a show, this is my fucking life
I’m not ashamed, you’re entertained
But I’m not a puppet…
I am a grenade

More Marilyn Manson in the morning just enhances my already sleep-deprived, mentally-absent mood — changing the cd never occurs to me, and the fact that i have it on mp3 at work doesn’t help.

About Maggiano’s last night.. hmmmm, it was a good time except for that last half hour of deliberation over the bill with the worlds most unhelpful server. I, for one, was glad to see Par there with Skittles. I happen to like him. I happen to think he cares about Skittles. I’m not sure what Skittles thinks, but there’s my two cents in case anybody cares. I was also happy to hear Maggie’s brief story on the true measure of a good boyfriend, which is apparently getting a 5-star review from a lesbian on his oral-sex abilities, since a lesbian ought to know what from what, eh? Can we just say.. um.. congrats you lucky girl.

I just remembered what I got invited to! It’s a “we’re changing the IP address of your email server/your DNS is down again/ we’ve suspended all shell access for a while/ oh by the way, be sure to get those Remedy/Elementool tickets down below 100 using your psychic abilities” party in the breakroom. I can hear the calypso music going now… better get in there.


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