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Fundamental things….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, September 12, 2003 at 11:07 am by flerly.

Let’s run naked through these city streets
We’re all captives of captivity
Let’s wear madness like a crucifix
Let’s tattoo Bible quotes across both our hips

Let’s hop a train and tour America, even. Let’s do it. Just do it. Why is Amtrak so expensive? Wonder how pricey food is on the trains? Hrm… things to ponder.

Why have I pulled out Bonnie Raitt’s cd and decided that I needed some of her blues to make things better? I like her.. she’s rough, tough, sassy, and realistically sappy. Maybe that’s just my mood. Feeling sappy lately. Guess that’s good.

Yeah, well, these are the skinny jeans again. These are the, to quote Skittles, “have you seen that ass in those jeans” pants that James replied “why, yes, I’ve been following it around all day.” That is not to say I am skinny, per se, as that fastening the waist of these jeans around me no longer requires sucking in massive amounts of air nor figuring out how to best position the resultant belly that appears when they’re closed. I guess that’s all good.

Exercising every day is really damned hard. It’s not just finding time, because I can think of lots of couch time that could have been exercise time, but more finding motivation. I thought exercising more was supposed to make you feel better, though, and I have to say all it seems to be doing is making my muscles tired all the time. Lately anytime I come within sight of a pillow, all I want to do is curl up on it and sleep for a week. I think I’m way up on my sleep quota this week, in fact. Eating right, exercising, sleeping a lot… why am I so tired all the time?

And another thing… I am a weirdo. I have a tendency to spot cars on the road that I like. 90% of the time it’s a Corvette. In fact, I’m convinced if I were to run across a Corvette with one headlight and possibly a missing fender, I would still glare enviously at the driver. I’m pretty sure it is a sickness of some kind. Anywho… I’m a weirdo, in this case, because I realized this morning that my tendency to try to get a good look at whomever is driving whatever car I am envious of is not so much to see if they might “match the car” or “be cute enough to flirt with to get to ride in the car” or anything like that, but rather to judge for myself whether I’d look better in that car than they do. When I thought of it, my brain actually went Wha-wha-what?!?! I remember the first time anybody told me I looked good in a car. It was long-lost bud, Sam(balls) Knox. I’d just gotten my Lumina after driving Blazer’s for years. “Yeah, you look much better in that car. Black is good. You never did look like a soccer-mom.” Of course, he had just lost his license to a DUI and was in need of buttering up someone for rides…

I’m babbling. I’m actually set up with Remedy now.. it has a hideous custom interface… it’s so slow. it’s so foreign. it’s so… annoying to have to figure out how to navigate it on top of figuring out the actual reworks that are due today. SOMETIME today our permissions and passwords issues should be resolved so I can begin working.

Regardless, I’m leaving today on schedule. The three in-town posse members have alternate, Atkins-friendly, cheese plans for 6pm. After that, well, JamesT and I still have house guests to entertain. And, well, I still have to decide if Six Flags is in the cards for tomorrow. I personally think JamesT will be too exhausted to go. I should spend the time catching up on work I couldn’t get done this week… due to passwords and my own slackerness.

I dunno.. We’ll see what’s up tonight. Dead Like Me does come on tonight afterall. Why did my brain think it was Thursday? Oh well.. had a nice Thursday anyway, JamesT.

Turn down the lights, turn down the bed
Turn down these voices inside my head…


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