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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, September 13, 2003 at 11:34 pm by flerly.

Leisure time at its finest?

Well, we went to 6-flags today and actually had a good experience. Getting there early and going late in the season seems to be the way to go. We had ridden more things before noon that we usually ride in a full day. After lunch we starting hitting actual lines, but still it was far from height of summer kind of busy. No, I still didn’t get to ride Deja-vu, whose name has a whole different meaning for me I guess. That’s three times at the park since it’s been there without getting to ride it. This time it was actually running at least, but was running very sporadically, and slow enough that the line was tremendous even in the morning hours when no one was really having to wait to ride anything.

Poor James… He just re-appeared at home, a half-hour after leaving, just to pull his badge and work pass out of his motorcycle jacket. That really sucks.

He was great today. Worked all night, only fried one computer… then not only went to 6-flags with us on no sleep, but consented to drive us in his more accommodating sized car. When we finally got home, though… going on 4 I guess, he was in dire need of some Zzzzzzzzzzz’s, and by the look on his face when he woke up, and of course, his recent reappearance, I’m not sure he got as much as he needed. It’s his Friday, though. Last night of work, then he can sleeep sleeeeeep sleeeeeeep.

I don’t think we have Sunday plans. Boring stuff.. grocery shop. I have a little work to finish up. Beat up a cat or two. Speaking of… Jim tells me Sam isn’t doing well and he’s going to have to take him to the vet. Seems he’s developed some rash around his jaw which looks pretty bad and he’s losing his hair there. His side hasn’t healed up totally yet, either. Poor fat kitty.

Oh well.. seems like all the 6-flags gang (houseguests) managed to squeak in a nap before they hit the road home, but I didn’t. I’m feeling pretty beat now, so I may go fall asleep to the sounds of the TV or something. Leisure time at its finest.

Night all.


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