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pissy dreams

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 12:20 pm by flerly.

Already told ya, but I just want to remember…

Dreamt JT’s mom called to see if he was home, because he had left her house early, and she had found out some relative was in the hospital. He wasn’t home, so we were both worried where he could be. So I hopped in a car and drove up to Fort. O, except it wasn’t really.. spotted his car parked on the street in front of this line of bars, so I started going in each one until I found him. I remember I kept thinking I saw him, but it wasn’t him, until finally I did find him, sprawled out in the middle of a back room on a bean bag kinda chair. Sitting around the room was a group of people, young girls and guys who all seemed to know him and each other, and amazingly he spots me as I am walking back toward him, and I see him gesturing to people and mouthing words, and when I get close enough I realize he is quickly making introductions. I manage to catch a couple girls names, hear him introduce me to them, and catch their rolled eyes at my appearance. He is wearing his St.Pat’s day shirt, and he is drunk off his ass. He can barely hold his eyes open or sit up, and he keeps looking around. So I tell him that his mom was calling hospitals looking for him, and see if he will come with me, and he loudly tells me that he has plans to pass out there again this evening, and that I should just go on and tell his mom he’s okay. So then I grab his shirt, pull him up to actually look at me, and tell him about whoever being in the hospital, and that it is HIS family, and I drove all this way, and I’d be damned if I left without him. Then I ask for his keys, he tells me the bartender has them, so I tell him to get up, and I turn and walk back to the bar. He manages to get up, but as he is wobbling out of that room, a girl comes running up from out of the bathroom and jumps onto him with a full-body, legs wrapped around, hug that knocks him back into a big chair. She’s in a little white twirly sun-dress, that is nearly pink from all the flowers, and her bright white undies show when she hugs him. She is kissing him hard, and rubbing on him, trying to coerce him into sex in the chair.. he is kissing her back and obliging. SO, with some time to kill, I turn back to the bartender, who is handing me the keys, and spot all sorts of things all over the bar that I manage to sweep across with one arm and send them all crashing to the ground. The bartender just nods and lets me continue. I manage to break just about everything I can get my hands on, but nobody really seems to care or notice. After a few minutes, JT comes weaving his way up to the front, shirt half on, pants half off, obviously sex-stained and not caring. The girl is nowhere in sight, so I turn and walk out to the car, with him behind me. He tries to walk up and put his arm around me… not sure if it was supposed to be loving or he was just wobbly, but I smacked his arm away and nearly sent him to the ground. At this point, I open his passenger door, let him climb in, then head off to make an excuse to my parents, who were apparently waiting in the other car, and tell them that JT is sick, and I have to drive his car home, so they can leave in my car.

Woke up soon after, mostly thinking about how that had turned into a dream where Dad was alive. And of course, woke up SO pissed off at JT… there’s some logic for you.


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