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Keep on smiling… that’s my mantra.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, September 19, 2003 at 10:57 am by flerly.

What a load of crap today =)

Com-stock e-mail is “down”, as in, it is only checkable as forwards to our FNIS mail. Things I’ve forwarded to myself last night… not getting. Templates I made at home… can’t get to. I now will have to use Outlook (full-bloat version) rather than my tolerable Outlook Express. About 25%, maybe less, of things that are going to com-stock.com are being forwarded to the new address.

This is so frustrating. K drive down (my remote access from home drive), W drive down (my web viewable demos drive), com-stock e-mail down… meeting in less than an hour where I have to demo things I built over the last two days as well as other template options….. hope they’re good at visualizing what I describe, because I sure as hell have nothing to show them.

I fucking hate Outlook 2000, and I’m going to have to install it at home in order to keep up with work e-mails and work from home in the future. –>insert cussing here<-- But.. keep on smiling. I'm chipper today, or I was, rather, until the cascade effect of items that are non-functional today really started to hit home with me. Outlook Express says I have new mail... great! Too bad I can't get to the Outlook Express program because it's trying to export 4000 messages over into Outlook 2000. On the bright side.... slept well, for a change. Did continue to dream about CSS. Found that trying to come up with my own templates versus understanding the templates I'd read about was a whole new challenge. I love this stuff. I'm excited to be learning it. I'm looking forward to picking our new roomie's brain about it, since he's worked with it before. Speaking of... new roomie should be arriving early next week. Must remember to try to get house key and gate card back from Magoo today. Btw, wonder where alterni-cheese will be tonight? Jeez, the clock is ticking. I have snagged together four dummy templates that aren't really templates at all and packed them so I can show them something today, but this is crap. I don’t want them to choose any of these because they’re all part of that 1997-cutting-edge-technology theme that we’ve got going on.

Oh thank god. JamesT is a fucking GOD… I’ve got mail. MY mail. MY templates. Must get to work now…


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  1. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    magoo has the house key on her, but the gate card was taken out of magoo’s car when it was sick and is, conveniently, sitting on her desk at home. she will bring gate card to kit’s partay tomorrow. thank you.

    September 19, 2003 @ 4:02 am

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