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ugh.. lunch break

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 1:13 pm by flerly.

*whew* had to stop and take a breath today. Been covered up.. it’s nuts.

Lucky me missed March b-day celebration this morning, so no need to resist that cupcake temptation. Whew.. good thing, too. This was a hard to get started morning. Took two cups of coffee to open my eyes today. Spent the first two hours here with various people coming up to me asking me for help on urgent issues to get done today. I think I have 3 days work on my today to-do list, so this at-the-desk lunch will be short.

Just wanted to note here that the “official” party invite went out today, in case I screwed up anything/missed anyone, I wanted to request feedback here. I already know I forgot to mention possible “tampon-art”, provided brings the provisions (although, if you don’t want to get into that Saturday, I’d be in for Sunday afternoon for sure). I also forgot to mention “bring friends”.

Anyway. Need to post that Jim is trying to tempt us into buying UO and all starting the game together. He swears it’s much improved, although it’s flaws didn’t hinder my total addiction to it before. Right now, it’s a money issue.. don’t want to put out the dough for the game or the $10 a month to play.. BUT if JT wants to, and hell, if Maggers gets interested, I’ll probably do it. I do recall how fun those games are, and I still have my resolve that I never got tempted to play Dark Age, no matter how much it called to me.

Other thoughts today… happy late b-day again to Kit (since i missed cupcakes). Oh, I forgot to mention b-day cake at the party. Better send out invite part deux.



  1. aoide has made a Comment

    Thanks!! I am having the best Birthday week! between you and I feel extra loved!!

    March 21, 2002 @ 7:22 am

  2. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    aww, crap.

    does this mean i can’t laugh at you when you get super-drunk, start taking off your clothes, and try to shove tampon applicators up people’s noses?

    March 21, 2002 @ 7:42 am

  3. flerly has made a Comment

    Yes, you can laugh. Most people only got a birthday “weekend” remember? Since she got a “birthday week” then technically, even though we shall eat cake, she can’t have a “birthday weekend” too!

    March 21, 2002 @ 7:46 am

  4. anonymous has made a Comment

    Hey Maggie –

    Sunday afternoon sounds great. I am ready for the combination of tamponart, mucho queso and possibly some gay porn. As you know I got those two new videos. So just let me know on the actual set time and I’ll be rarin’ to go.

    For Maggie and Kim,

    The wedding stuff should be over by 8 so I would love to join the casa warming/birthday celebrations. Sounds like a blast.

    Talk to yo later,

    March 21, 2002 @ 5:42 pm

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