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Do you have a pen? I need to make a mental note.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, October 1, 2003 at 10:38 am by flerly.

Carol, screen my calls and don’t let any sales people through…

Hello, I’m a huge customer or perhaps a childhood friend of your boss…
Give me some flirting and you’re in.
Is it hot in here or is it just you?

Good morning, y’all. This morning is official “paperwork” morning for me. I’ve been paying bills, providing proof of continued insurance to my lienholder who’s address has changed yet again, updating their address with my insurance company, typing up formal looking letters to mail off until I notice in the fine print the tiny instructions on how to provide the needed info via their new website. I have timesheets to fill out — or else they will go back in time and not deposit the payroll money they already deposited yesterday, or so goes the threat.

I’m just babbling because it is October. I love this month, and not just because my birthday is in this month, but because I love this weather. I enjoy summer, tank tops, short skirts, etc. etc, but give me some great jeans, my favorite jacket, and slight breeze any day. They finally turn off the ultra-A/C at work so I don’t have to wear sweaters indoors anymore, and when I go out to lunch, I don’t burn the skin off my hands when I touch my steering wheel. The sky is clear and the best shade of blue. It all just puts me in the best mood possible. I feel just great. Don’t even mind coming to work when I get to drive through this scenery and enjoy these days.

It’s also the start of the new TV Season, and I have a date with Angel tonight.

Anywho… I babble. I’m just feeling good today. Coffee was fresh. Personal business attended to smoothly. Bills paid. Deep breath, release. *sneeze* Whoops, who threw that in there. Must remember to avoid deep breaths at pollutant-filled work. Anywho… Happy October, everyone.


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