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Hurry up and wait..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, October 2, 2003 at 10:51 am by flerly.

I walk out the door this morning, weighed down tote bag in hand.. slightly bummed that I didn’t make time for breakfast today, but resolved to stop at the gas station for a nummy green tea or something…

Get to the gas station, only to realize my tote bag did not contain my purse… as I took it out last night when I was thinking about ordering a shower gift for Nick & Mandy (which I never got around to). SO, I turn around, go back home, run in, find the purse by the computer and decide to just say fuck it and see what stuff I can get done from home today. Why not? Plenty of design work that won’t require being in the office.

I have the fortune of being recently set up with web access to my new work email, so I check that to make sure nothing’s going on that I might miss. Seems like nothing… then at a mere five minutes until 10 am, I get the email telling me we’re having a new site meeting at 10:30, to which I reply that I’ll try to make it… since my drive is usually 30 minutes… and I’m on my way.

While I’m en route, however, they discover that one member still has no email or access (poor Brent, there’s another story) and another is out sick (Marc), so they postpone it until tomorrow. When do I find out? Why, when I attempt to go to said meeting after arriving in the office. Oh well.

About Brent, poor guy found his email account deactivated and his passwords void yesterday. When Patrick called to inquire why, he was told that the network people had notice Brent was laid off on the 30th with the rest of the folks. So for yesterday and now today he is wandering around the office, using our nice connection to do some quality web browsing while he waits to find out whether he’ll be getting access again or be handed a severance check that they forgot to send with the others.

I want my severance check, please. But, nooooo… All I hear is “Oh, you’re very secure.. they can’t lose you!” But I WANT to go.. gimme me money and set me free…

Oh well. Guess I need to think about from which direction I want to run into my enemies today so as to minimize my own damage but take them out. Ys teaches us approaching them head on is bad. Have to sneak up sideways on these sorts of things….


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  1. infinite1der has made a Comment

    Go on… make fun of my favorite TurboDuo game!

    October 2, 2003 @ 1:51 pm

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