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“Strict E-mail policy, to be enforce immediately”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 7, 2003 at 10:12 am by flerly.

Stevey D. is back, and this time with a vengeance. I spot an email in my inbox with the above subject line, and for a moment my mind trembles with the possibilities of what a new strict e-mail policy might be. Then I read this…

While we all need to be conscious of communicating consistently within our tier, we need to make sure we have some policy with regards to email.

Firstly, please try not to email to anyone above you on an Org Chart, unless it is your direct superior. If you have to, then it should only be the person that runs that particular part of the business and your direct superior.

We should try to never include more than two people in the To: line, as it gets confusing as to who owns the problem.

Lastly, we do not need to reply to all, unless we truly need everyone on the email to respond…Let’s be conscious of this, don’t confuse busy with productive….

Steve de Laveaga
Vice President, FNIS Broker/Agent channel

Does anyone remember the posts about me calling this guy out for his abuse of reply-all? About the fruit baskets? He said I’d “get something better” than a fruit basket for my tolerance of his reply-all abuse. I guess that “something better” is to watch his salary increase and career advance due to his clever sending of fruit baskets to the right folks.

Preach on, Brother de Laveaga….

Picked up another long lost cd last night… Candlebox. Not as funny as yesterday’s, but the list is growing. I dropped a whopping $6.46 (shipping and all) on Amazon this morning on another one I hadn’t seen in a store in a long while… 1996’s Brother Cane – Seeds. Am I nuts? Birthday coming up so I’m pining for my lost youth where I enjoyed these mediocre cds so much that I must rebuy them now? Nah, I just regret the years I spent so broke that I sold off these things I loved at the Used CD store just to get money to pay the power bill. Oh the cds and books I wish I still had…

Anywho… it’s cheese day #1, so I am at work. I may depart after cheese, depending on work circumstances. I have mucho mockups to do, which could happen from home, so I will be in place to greet The Brad when/if he arrives today. You know… mentioned it, but it had never occurred to me that we ought to have a “Welcome to Atlanta” party for him, ala Shamus & the Sofa.TM. Guess we’ll have to think about that one…


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