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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 25, 2002 at 2:39 pm by flerly.

Ugh…. Let’s rate this weekend… um. Cant do it.

SO glad came down. SO glad we could stock him for beer for his spring break. SO glad he’s a good sport at sushifest.

Million thanks to and for the help shopping and setting up things. We should have known it was gonna be a good night when we had to sign a form to verify that we weren’t alcohol resellers. Oh my god where did all that liquor go? Note to self… next time at party EAT some of the snacks you put out rather than just arrange and refill them for other people. Another note to self… margaritas and pina coladas just don’t mix well. Did party guests really go out for a 2nd bottle of rum? ugh…

Anyway… the apartment survived, I guess all the guests survived.. though I haven’t talked to Bruce, Jane or Sam since… hrm. I guess it was good.

Sentence most run into the ground over this weekend: “We’ll just look that up on the internet… no wait, the DSL is down.” DSL out from about 4ish Friday until this (Monday) morning. We have discovered we are not only Internet junkies, we’re downright Internet dependent… we don’t have a phone book, we don’t know the channels on the tv, we dont know people’s phone numbers, just email addys…. ugh! What an inconvenient weekend. The most dependent of us managed to go into work for an online gaming fix–you know who you are.

Anyway.. it’s going on 2:30, and I’ve just managed to dig my way out from under huge horrible pile of work for a breath. Of course, with the new-mail-notification alarm comes the answer to my question from co-worker, which leads to me diving back into work. Guess I should do that.


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