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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, October 9, 2003 at 2:51 pm by flerly.
Oh baby,
I’m so tired*
The man…from the government
The man from the tax board
The man from the public school
The man owns the golden rule, yeah   
I’m everybody’s slave
I made you my slave
You said
This I do for you
If I would help
To give the world back
What it gave
Then I would
I would for you
You say my eyes
Are crazy eyes
Sometimes they are
And so are you
And if you wonder
What I would do
I would do
If I could
You know I would
I would for you

It’s been a very long slow day. I am spamming the fuck out of various LJ communities, and it seems I can’t stop. Supposed to be training with Geoffrey on the site build process, but something new and fun is fucked-up here today, and he can’t do squat. Lucky him, contracted to be here and web browse today it seems.

Some very sweet but excruciatingly lame friends of ours have recently sent us some congrats wedding cards containing some very unnecessary monetary gifts, so I guess I’ve been thinking about how appropriately to spend wedding gift money. Housewares, I assume. Do we save for the matching washer for our new dryer? Do we finally break down and get a coffee maker? Do we invest in some decent bar-ware, ala wine glasses, tumblers, etc? Or do we go out and splurge on a nice dinner someplace? Or do we just be boring and put this in the bank toward the usual pile of bills…

I guess it makes me think about what we might need or want at home. Birthday is doing that, too. People are forcing me to choose some things… list them… it’s annoying, and it’ll happen again in a month for Christmas lists. So I think I’ll put some stuff right here, once and for all, and whomever cares can take note.

The official good presents list:
Old Navy gift certs
Wet Seal gift certs
Gap Scent body wash: dream
Sterling silver earrings
Wine glasses
coffee maker
buffy / angel dvds

I dunno.. that’s it. I really don’t care. Seriously. I’m hoping to be out of town, one way or another for the whole weekend and Monday of my birthday, so that will be celebration enough. I can’t believe i’m on LJ babbling about what you people should buy me… me me me. How’s this for an obvious cry for attention. I quit. I think I’m going home.

*The proper Jane’s Addiction response to “oh baby”, rather than the JT preferred “you got what i need…”


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