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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, October 17, 2003 at 11:46 am by flerly.

[11:14] theflerlyone: i don’t want to work
[11:14] theflerlyone: but i left my drum in my other pants, so i have nothing to bang on anyway…
[11:15] bsdnjamest: bang on customer service’s heads
[11:15] theflerlyone: =)

Where is my happy Friday dance? Damnit, I must have left that in my other pants with my drum. I am in an unreasonably good mood today… Why? I have a crappy web training session to lead this afternoon… two hours minimum on a phone call, Mr. Thornton still can’t find his misplaced wedding band, and I just got a massive-headache-inducing Depo shot this morning. I’d say all those things should point to downright chipper, no? No! Jeez. Clearly I am mental.

I know what it is! It must be the continuous Dave Mathews that is blaring from Patrick’s office.. seriously! Some recording of a live performance and some other crap… annoying as hell, and obviously on repeat unless he just liked playing Wild Horses 15 times. You know, I did used to like that song.

Today, it is Friday, for which I should be thankful. I am not venturing northward to see The Mom. I am not anticipating any sort of cheese gathering, especially with Stacy’s Dad in town…. Parents take precedence. That’s cool. This weekend may include some shopping with Skittles, that is if I don’t decide to load her up with work over the weekend instead. It must also include shipping out sis’s bday goodies, sending a baby-shower gift to Nick & Mandy, and shopping for groceries. Hopefully, it will also include finding Mr. Thornton’s ring without resorting to digging through cat poo. I asked him last night if he ought to be in the dog house for losing it, and he said it was my decision. Of course, my response… I can’t put you in the dog house… I get lonely and there’s no room for me in there, too. We suck, don’t we? =) It’s a good sorta suck I guess.

Oh damn! The calendar tells me I forgot that yesterday was National Boss Day! Oh, I’m all torn up I didn’t do anything for any of them, but it does get expensive having to buy gifts for so many people.

Addendum: I realized today that I have not officially allowed myself to become a ghoul by taking “ownership” of this massive monitor I now use. Today, when asked if I wanted to take “my” monitor into the conference room for the training session, I replied, “I don’t know where my monitor is anymore. We could take the monitor formerly known as James McFarland’s though…”


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