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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, October 18, 2003 at 1:23 pm by flerly.

Kitty escaped this morning, while the boys were loading up for the race. When I finally rolled my lazy butt out of bed, I put out a tin of cat food by the front door to lure her back, and sure enough, within a half hour I spotted a familiar kitty face peering in the window by the door, wanting back inside.

Strangely enough, that wouldn’t be the last kitty face I’d spot peering in a window, but not the front window where you might expect, but instead, while talking to mom on the phone, I spy a beautiful long-haired black and white cat face peering in the porch window behind the TV on the main floor. For a half minute or so, I thought, hrmmm, some neighbor cat peering in, until I realize that those windows on the back side of the main floor are actually second-story windows, and thus no mere passer-by cat ought to be able to peer in from there. This poor kitty has found its way onto our back porch from his own neighbor back porch, which is staggered to be about four feet higher than our porch.

All those times we let kitty out onto our second-floor porch thinking, she won’t go anywhere, never did I think she might make her way from porch to porch… but apparently it is possible. Luckily for neighbor kitty, it was also possible to jump back over to the porch. Guess we’ll have to watch out for this possible porch visitor from now on. Cute kitty, though.


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