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*a moment of silence for our hub.. we called him Edgar the Hub. He will be missed. *

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, October 20, 2003 at 10:11 am by flerly.

I just took a Filmrot.com article’s advice and wrote to an actor to request a copy of a Batman fanfilm he was in on DVD. Supposedly the guy is really nice and will send it to you for free. Wouldn’t that be cool? I feel so geeky. The site: http://www.batinthesun.com is home to a couple other supposedly good fan films, which I guess I’ll check out when I get home.

This morning, came in to find the hub my PC is connected to had passed away silently some time over the weekend. Took some cable reconfiguring by us non-network-geeky types, but I am again on the internet, and aren’t you thankful.

I did not get up early and attempt my new workout video (or any old one for that matter) this morning. I did not christen my new 4-cup coffee maker, which I impulse bought yesterday. I ventured straight out into the sunshiny-day and tried not to be run over. It’s beautiful out, already getting warm, but traffic… ugh! I must clean my windshield a bit better. It was dangerously opaque at times.

Good shopping weekend, best investment of which were six crates at $1.30 a piece, which were phase one of my massive closet reorganization. They fit perfectly, and by the time I went to bed last night I had totally revamped our entire evil closet, even color-sorting my clothes on my rack and JT’s on another. Did all the laundry except for what we were wearing and a massive pile of towels, and thus have officially discovered how many clothes hangers it actually takes to put it all away.

Excellent dinner at a new joint (for us) Saturday night, with the post-race boyz and Skittles (in her Blueberry Bomb.. my official choice for the name of her car). Afterwards, kicked it at home around the kitchen table for a while… boyz trying out mysterious Absinthe concoctions, and me just enjoying the faces they made at the taste. Turned into a big reminiscing-fest about all sorts of things, and was actually nice.

Well, that’s enough babble. Think I’ll try to get some of this work done and wait impatiently for JasonC to sign on to find out if I’ll have training this afternoon or not. Would like to go climbing later at a reasonable time.

Oh yeah.. meant to mention. I must have anime on the brain. Last night, I swear I dreamt in Anime… me, JT, friends.. boring ordinary things… all existing in smooth lines and muted colors. Can still see some of the “stills” in my memory. Was.. interesting.


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