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Not an ass… just a Butt

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 21, 2003 at 10:21 am by flerly.

Cruising along this morning, merging onto 75N from 285, which means I have several lanes to cross to get left into the faster flowing lanes, I am, as usual, caught behind a “convoy” of slower-moving trucks. As I begin my shift leftward across the lanes, I am…. surprised!?!? to discover what looks like the last slow-moving truck was actually passing a slower-moving school bus on the right, which puts me speeding up on the bumper of a big-yellow bus. Great, I think, what’s this ass doing so far left going so slow… Then I manage to get left around him, only to cruise by and discover it’s a Butts County School bus. Butts County?!? How appropriate. Yeah, those kids don’t get teased.

Another occurrence of note was the speeding black mustang that left me in his dust, Georgia, Fulton County plate “D MAUL”. He must drive so fast so people can’t force him off the road for a quick shag, that plate is so cool, no? Shyeah.

So, then I’m coasting down to a stop at the red light on the Barrett Pkwy off ramp, still musing on what kind of car I might like in green so I could get a custom “YODA” plate, when I spy with my little eye a bright red bi-plane puttering around in the skies over Kennesaw. That takes me back… summers at the airport sis ran… The Red Baron… air shows as a kid… ah.. fond memories. Makes me think that now it’s strange to hear about sis’s husband with his job as a pilot for a corporate plane, when in my mind, that would have been sis’s dream job. Guess that’s something they have in common, though. My money says she doesn’t stay grounded too much longer… last time I spoke with her, she seemed to want to get current and get back in the air somehow.

Anywho… it’s post office day. Have cards to fill out and send if they want to reach their destinations by Saturday, although I have reconsidered mailing actual gifts in lieu of luring my sister up to Chattanooga in a couple weeks to meet mom and I for a weekend-getaway. I’m so excited about that… me, sis and mom+Chattavegas+shopping+mindless city-wandering=great fun. Now if I can just figure out where we want to stay.. need to price hotels.

I’ll end this now, because right now I have a letter to write… to my brother in Florida. He’s lived down there for so long, I rarely get to see him. Now I hear, through the grapevine, that he said something about not really knowing me too well. I’m not surprised, I guess, but it does make me a little sad. Thus, I’m sending a wedding photo and a letter with his birthday card. Next best thing to having me show up on your doorstep and babble for three days. Still sorta wish we could have made the Florida trip, but something else will work out soon. Thanksgiving plans are in the works.


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