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We’re on the road to nowhere… Come on inside…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 at 10:52 am by flerly.

I’m feelin’ okay this mornin’ despite the weird, work influenced dream that’s still lingering in my thoughts. The scent of coffee is filling the house, as I finally try out my new coffee maker (Brad’s already done so. Did I mention he cleaned up the kitchen, too? Go Brad!)

Anywho.. the weird dream. It’s the end of the month crunch, we’re all at work gathered around my desk where it is obvious I am the bottleneck in the operation because they are all patiently waiting to prompt me to get to their urgent items. Paul, Marc, Jonathan, Patrick, Jason, Bobby, David from work are there. I am at the desk, where my monitor is even more huge than it actually is, and it seems to have a lovely big green plant in a basket on top of it now with a card that says “Happy Birthday”. I’m working my ass off, flipping through sites, trying to work on their issues in rotation, or something, instead of one thing start to finish. They are encouraging this. I’m getting stressed out as I notice that somehow my desk has become very small and the monitor and the plant balancing on it are just about hanging off the back of the desk. I indicate that I need to fix that, but I am yelled at by those around me. Suddenly I realize niece Angela is there, sitting beside me. She tells me to calm down and that she’s glad I like the plant she sent me. She just keeps telling me that everything will be alright.

Meanwhile behind me, the work gang are all laughing and cutting up together, only pausing to make sure I’m still working. Somebody suggests they should go catch 9-holes of golf, since I’ll still be here when they get back. I look at the clock, and it’s 6pm. They walk toward the back door, and soon I hear shouts from them to come look. It seems the sky is starting to rain black ash. They begin looking around for umbrellas to use, then soon drop it because it starts to get too thick to see in and they decide they can’t play golf in it.

So, I return to my desk, where much time passes. Next time I realize it, I look at the clock and it is nearly 10pm. They are still laughing and cutting up. Angela is still sitting patiently beside me. I decide to stretch and walk to the back door to peek out… it is pitch black night, made worse by the thick black layer of ash on everything and the thick still falling ash from the sky. No pin prick of light in site. I know my car is parked about 30 feet away, but I doubt I could find it in this. I’m am suddenly overcome by the feeling of being trapped in the building. I try to go back to my desk and work, but now the monitor and plant are really starting to shake as I type, they are hanging way off the tiny desk, and soon the whole thing topples over, plant and monitor crashing to the ground making the biggest mess possible. My desk is trashed. Angela begins sorting through trying to save the plant. Meanwhile I totally snap and start to cry. I have so much to do and now can’t, and even though I can’t work, I’m still trapped at the office by this ash storm.

The work crowd finally comes to check out the commotion and see me basically curled up on the floor crying. Somehow I know they are trying to decide if they need to suggest I move to someone else’s computer and get back to work or just leave me alone. Some of them are wondering if I have actually snapped and won’t be able to work anymore ever.

That’s it. I woke up, still hearing their various swirling thoughts on my situation in my head.

Well, yeah.. need to work on the coffee mixture… and my morning math skills. Why do they have to make it so complex. Coffee maker says “4 1-cup servings”. Well, one cup, 8-oz, right? So, why do coffee grinds say “1 Tbsp per 6oz serving”. In morning math terms, I just put 4-Tbsp in, thinking that’d be safe, since 6-oz serving less than 8-oz serving and i didn’t want it too strong. Fat chance. This stuff could walk on it’s own… it’s stronger than me. It could probably do pull ups. I double check the instructions… I’m not blind.. one TABLESPOON per each 6-oz serving. Yup. Go figure. Next time I’ll just wing it.

Been trying to plan Birthday things. I think the girls might agree to meet at the usual haunt Friday after work for a brief birthday cheese. I really think I’m going to need a margarita after this week. After that, though… who knows. I think the weekend plans thing has fallen apart, which is really fine. Maybe we’ll just goof and do something around town… golf or D&B or something. There is a Halloween party Friday night, but I don’t know if we’re going yet. JT is costumeless at this point, and we may just save it for next Friday’s Halloween party. Skittles sure knows where all the parties are.

Speaking of which… I’m looking at a friendly gathering Sunday night for a sort of birthday dinner I guess. Not really sure where, but due to repeated inquiries as to “what is going on for your birthday!?!?”, i figured I’d try to plan something. Not sure who’d want to go, but I figure if we get the girls, maybe John & Paul in tow, and the 3 here, that’s already a big enough group to make picking a place tough. I was thinking Happy Sumo maybe? On Abernathy, I believe. Other suggestions are welcome. Actually.. I’d be all about Dave and Busters again, if Stacy doesn’t mind. I love that place. I guess we’ll figure something out.

Oh well… enough ramble. Must get out of scary pajamas, robe and do away with bed-head. Shame Brad already woke up and got to witness this horror, I shouldn’t subject him to it again anytime soon. Yeah, so, btw, working from home today, and when I’m on the VPN I can’t be on Trillian… sometimes MSN, but sometimes no, so if you don’t see me online it means I’m actually working. Whoa.



  1. scienceiscool has made a Comment

    January 1, 2001 @ 12:00 am

  2. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    Dave and Busters – hell, yeah, you can never go wrong with D&B! Happy Sumo, Dave & Busters or something else – whatever you pick, I’ll be there.

    October 22, 2003 @ 4:25 am

  3. piskie has made a Comment

    hey now, dont forget my halloween party on saturday, the 1st. oh yeah, and cp, send me all your emails so i can send you the invite. lcjob at emory dot edu.

    October 22, 2003 @ 4:32 am

  4. aoide has made a Comment

    I think the girls might agree to meet at the usual haunt Friday after work for a brief birthday cheese.
    I was thinking Happy Sumo maybe?
    I’d be all about Dave and Busters again

    Let me know what the plan is. And as for the Halloween parties that are abundant, let me know if you wanna come. James can get some black pants and pull his mime thing together. I don’t know of anything much scarier. <:o I need to start seriously looking into something for me too! I want to be broccoli. Any idea how I could pull that off?

    October 22, 2003 @ 4:54 am

  5. scienceiscool has made a Comment


    October 22, 2003 @ 6:44 am

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