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My massive change of topic day…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, October 23, 2003 at 10:35 am by flerly.

They layed off our receptionist yesterday. Was strange to come in and find the front door locked and all the front lights off. Most remaining folks park and work in the back, so I guess from the outside, it sort of looks like we’re shut down now.

How weird is it when you are so half-asleep that you habitually pick up the pill bottle and shake out a pair, grab your glass of water, and swallow them a half-second before your eyes focus on the bottle and realize you are popping a pair of ONE-a-day vitamins? Well, I forgot to take one yesterday, so hopefully the double dose today will be just fine…

Yesterday, working from home went well until the DSL mysteriously went out shortly after 5. I was done browsing recipes, though, so I flipped on the TV and started baking and cooking.. Brad was very upset by the DSL loss, though. Came to me nearly wild-eyed.. “I’ve tried everything… checked everything. I don’t know what else to do!” So, I suggested we call our “inside-man” at Bellsouth DSL, but it was all in vain. It seems our problem was probably, again, Kitty related, as we later discover what was once a network cable that had become some sort of modern art. One new cable later, we were back online.

Baking turned out well, I can say one serving of maple/apple crumble later. Atkins maple syrup, Atkins bake mix, Splenda sweetened, only “bad” things are the apples themselves, and I can live with the fruit sugar versus fiber content there. Tasty, says I, and better yet, there are leftovers. Even the sweet-hot meatballs recipe turned out yummy, but alas, no leftovers there. I have to shut up, I’m making myself teh hungered.

Listening to the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack at work over my “new” speakers is cool. People don’t know what this stuff is.

I almost turned in and got my emissions done this morning before work. Almost, but no… guess I’ll do that over the weekend. I am going to be one of those folks in the scary line on Oct. 31st paying my birthday-tag-tax, though, since that’s a payday. This payday is gonna sux0r, y0. Too much stuff already set to be paid out of it, barely enough left to enjoy… At least that’ll curb my Chattanooga spending. Cool.

I don’t want to work, but damned if I didn’t forget my drum again. Perhaps I can scrounge one from the pile of things in the back.



  1. scienceiscool has made a Comment

    what kind of diet says apples are “bad” food?

    October 23, 2003 @ 3:45 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    Oh they’re not bad.. just not appropriate for the level of Atkins I’m on. Too much fruit sugar… but like i care.

    October 23, 2003 @ 3:56 am

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