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Random after lunch thoughts…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, October 23, 2003 at 1:53 pm by flerly.

Damn, we need a Walmart Supercenter near us. Their grocery store rocks. In my wandering to stay away from the office trip over lunch I ended up at the one in Ackworth (right by the new Zaxby’s, btw). Their low-carb selection kicks ass… I couldn’t resist and bought 4 frozen entrees (praying they’d fit in work’s freezer) so I can stop eating out for lunch during the week. They even carry a Byer’s brand of “Carb Smart” ice cream… Byer’s! Mmmmmm! Didn’t get that, but.. CURSES why can’t they be closer? By the time I make the hour drive home from there (on a good day) all my frozen goodies would be melted.

Also… Skittles mentioned she wants to be “Broccoli” for Halloween, and I wondered if we might be able to work out an entire “cheese” theme for costumes. I saw the link to the Broccoli costume, but haven’t quite figured out how to make it look covered in cheese sauce. Anybody have any other “cheesy” ideas? I was already thinking along the “Mayor McCheese” line…

Hrm. Oh well. I’ll have to think more on it.


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