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ugh.. i’m a total bum

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 9:06 am by flerly.

This is REALLY it.. my last day to work from home. My last day of assured DSL, until who knows when in the other apartment. I have some projects to work on from here, so I’ll be fine. I actually have some in the office stuff to do, that I am postponing until Monday… which I know doesn’t make some people at work too happy, but tough shit.

This sucks.. I’m just unhealthy. I can’t sleep worth a damn, I wake up every day feeling like shit, usually with a pounding headache that only goes away if i take a couple hour nap sometime in the morning. This morning it’s sore, achy muscles, too. Probably from packing and moving stuff, I guess, though I don’t remember straining at all.. and if putting together cardboard boxes with tape does THIS to me, damn just kill me because next thing you know i’ll be all worn out from this breathing thing.

Dread above dreads.. just got messaged by my favorite person from work, our consultant. Man, at first I really liked this guy.. he was formerly a surveyor for the government.. worked in alaska doing all kinds of hikes and expeditions, lived in california for a while, etc etc.. told a decently interesting story. At some point, though, he turned into the “Man who knows too little and says too much”. He is a consultant.. works from home, developed his own direct-mail marketing product which my company purchased from him, so they think he’s a genius. And MAN can he talk a blue streak.. he’s so “expressive”, he gives great thought to what weird, arcane, lingo he can use to express himself and sound aloof, I guess. He just reminds me of Captain Kirk. He changes his mind 10 times a day on the same subject, while telling me to play hardball and just make one mockup and we’ll sell it to them (one always turns into 15 with him, though.. “It looks great! BUT can we bump this up a few pixels, make that a softer blue, lose some of that white space, make the logo smaller, etc etc.. but it’s really great!” AND I wouldn’t mind making all those changes, except it is constant. That leads to mockup 2 which gets more criticism, which leads to 3, which leads to 4, which when I’m done, mockup 1 sitting next to mockup 15 has differences barely discernable to the human eye, yet one is flawed and one is perfect (for now). He is consistently never right about what the end customer wants. the PERFECT mockup never sells, although he is a master of spin, such that when he comes back to me with the customer reaction, they LOVED it, BUT they want to change… everything essentially. When I get stuck working projects with him they take months longer than they should, and he resents time I spend on any body else’s design projects. BUT anyway.. such is work.

Well, that conversation and rant didn’t do much for my headache. Neither is the thought that I have to go in to work later and meet him for one of his inane 5 minute meetings that we could have done over the phone. UGH.. where’s the tylenol.


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