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Is she talking about the effects of sleep deprivation?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 10:41 am by flerly.

I hardly recognize myself, it’s such a strange thing. I find another woman walking in my blue jeans…

Ugh.. why is it so hard to get up? Anyway.. thoughts on the way in. I decided to try an experiment I read about in a Fitness mag. As of today, I’m going 30 days without checking the scale.The 27th has always been a good day for me… so it seemed like a good day to start this. Stay on the diet, keep up the daily exercise, and gauge the results after 30 days rather than compulsively and hourly. Used the scale at the gym last night one last time for good measure, since I’m sure the one at the house sucks (per too).

Anyway.. morning traffic is ghei. If I had super powers… I would have said I wanted to be able to go invisible any other day, but on mornings like this… I want that superman laser-heat vision. Today on the way in I would have used it to fire up the gas tanks on 1) silver-haired gentleman in towncar who decides to merge at 2 mph in front of me on the on ramp. 2) Neanderthal-sized man in F150, holding cell phone up to his ear, who tried to occupy the same space in the same lane as me. ….

oh.. and 3) on Idiot Sales-Guy Jeff who thought he might come by for a favor first thing on a busy morning… “Will you help me set up this wireless network card I swiped out of Marc’s pc on my own laptop just for today?” — “Do I look like James McFarland? No.” and for the next tidbit of wisdom I overhear between him and Marc… “So, is this card just plug and play?” -Jeff “Sure,” says Marc, “You just need to use this software to install and configure it.” ….. um, doesn’t Plug and Play mean… nevermind.

Oh well… being required to be creative on a 9-5 basis in a busy office is nearly impossible for the second day in a row, and more shit keeps appearing in the in box. What a wonderful busy time to move somebody else to graphics…. Shyeah.

Lastly, did I mention I was grateful for sexy green-eyed men? And for the sensitive, encouraging comments of friends… “So, they’ll just let anybody into Mensa these days?” Thanks guys. And.. at last… I’m thankful for winamp, headphones, and a little morning Limp Bizkit inspired by Mad TV.


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