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These are the last days, children.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, November 3, 2003 at 11:15 am by flerly.

As end times draw near, the burdens of the day to day grow heavy. We know you are weary, so in our wisdom, we shall take away those who might have lightened that load. We shall have the shit hit the fan from multiple directions and shall hide the umbrella beneath which you usually find shelter.

Who can clear their head to think to work with this chaos. At this moment, Patrick is whining to corporate office, begging them to continue to pay our bills so our heat isn’t shut off… John is trying to set up his laptop so he can work remotely during the California visit… Jonathan is promising all manner of things to some customer to calm them down… Marc is stressing because Brent didn’t give anyone access to where he stored the files he was working on prior to his layoff Friday… and two major customers are “down to the wire” and both top priority today to be worked on. Both will require several days effort, but there is only one day and one me to do it.

And then there were: 10
Number of days since layoff: 0


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