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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, November 5, 2003 at 5:56 pm by flerly.

Since I’ve been too busy to do a real post, I’ll do this K-mart cut-and-paste job…

At the time this email was dumped into my inbox, I was sitting in a relatively empty movie theater, down in front, center, with a big bottle of water trying to enjoy an overdramatic and highly illogical Wachowski brother’s endeavor called Matrix: Revolutions. I set my computer to “out to lunch” and took off at about 1:30 today to see it for the hell of it. James got to go today, too, for free, with his work, and I guess I was just bitter at him seeing it first. So, as it worked out, he only saw it about a half hour before I did, and don’t I feel better.

Now at nearly 4pm, I am actually BACK at work (I know.. who goes back after a 3 hour lunch) but, well, call me dedicated. Dedicated is the only word I can think to use, because it’s either that or stupid, and I prefer the former.

Well, we interrupt this email message to bring you over an hour of the Comstock-FNIS remaining folks to stand around and talk about what is going to happen to us. We’re down to 10 employees here — 10 critical people that the corporate machine hasn’t been able to replace. I supposed we are most skilled at not actually training anybody to do what we do. We have been foraging around the office trying to figure out what we can take home with us to set up our home offices. Tables, computers, chairs, filing cabinets, bookshelves, paper… we’re all going to have to get our own cellphones, so I guess I’ll finally get one of those infernal contraptions. Don’t know when I became so opposed to people being able to reach me wherever I am, but it happened. I’ve long been quoted as saying that dogs and cats would be carrying cellphones before I get one. Perhaps I’ll get a hip-top instead of a phone just to spite people.

Anyway.. wow.. this has taken a very long time to write. If you read the rambling journal of the Flerly, then you probably already know we have to vacate this office space by Nov 25th. No, they didn’t deem us worthy to get a new office space, so we’ll be working from home and meeting once a week at some Denny’s for a group hug or something. So, in the midst of scrambling to figure out the how’s and when’s of where we will all be, THEY decided to send half of us to Santa Ana CA for a week from the 10th-16th and the other half to Phoenix AZ the following week, giving us a whopping 3 more days all together to “sort things out”. Of course, no deadlines have been altered due to this transition period.

So, well, I don’t know where Santa Ana is in relation to San Diego, but I’m sure it’s farther than I will be able to walk and househunt for you. WISH I could do Biloxi for your birthday weekend, but as it stands, I fly back into Hotlanta at about 5:30 am on Saturday the 15th, so I probably won’t be in a fit state to do much but sit, stare at a tv, and perhaps drool for at least a few days. I’m sorta happy to hear you guys aren’t doing Japan. That’s just too far.. and the time difference would be killer on keeping in touch. San Diego is MUCH more doable. Perhaps we can do the Las Vegas hookup every so often! We’re dying to go back. Oh, and yes, we loved the Blue Man Group show. See them if you can.

Well, if you’re doing Boca for Turkey day, I guess I’ll miss you. Finally had mom conned into heading to Joyce’s for that. Oh well. We’ll figure something out I guess. There’s time before February, and well… without me having to show my face in an office everyday, my opportunities for travel are greatly improved.

Jeez.. it’s almost 6 here. Why am I still here? Oh yeah.. because I wanted to write to you! Well, guess I’ll check that off the to-do list and go home now.


> —–Original Message—–
> From: Angela
> Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 3:16 PM
> To: Kim
> Subject: in an attempt to stay awake…
> …and in my random wanderings, I decided to check out your website…you sure seem to ramble a lot. πŸ™‚ hee hee..but really…now I feel like I have some tiny bit of an idea of what’s going on in your life lately. But not really…
> So are you finally going to be out of a job? I remember you telling me months ago that they were closing up shop…but maybe not…but maybe so. And you’re going to California?? Where in California? I’m going to California. Did you get that email? If you’re in San Diego, mind doing some house hunting for me? πŸ™‚
> Oh well…and lastly I just wanted to comment on James and his Halloween costume. Nice. He can be a fill-in if there’s ever a horrible blue-man group accident. They’re coming to Biloxi sometime soon. We tossed around looking for tickets. You guys really liked them, huh?
> Well…if you are on your way out of work…you’re probably crazy busy (as it seems you’ve been since starting there). If you’re interested…D and I were talking about going to Biloxi for my birthday next weekend. I know it’s a haul for you guys. It takes about 1.5 hrs from here…so not a bad little jaunt for us. Don’t have specifics yet. Trying to get mom, pete and jess to come down. Plan was for Jessie to house, dog, and Ivy-sit while we went and played. I sorta told Mom & Pete we’d take them for a night for their anniversary, but we’ve been unable to schedule anything yet. Looks like it might not work this time either…but we’re still trying.
> oh…and I think we’re going to Boca for Thanksgiving. D’s dad is down there. Really not looking forward to that drive (11hrs!!!!) It appears we’re going to be doing a lot of visiting over the next 3 months before making “the big haul” to the west coast. Still working out the schedule and all.
> give a shout if you need to decompress or just chat. love and miss you. MUST see you and spend some time before moving.
> – little ole me πŸ™‚


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