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I got a heart full of pain, head full of stress, handful of anger, held in my chest…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, November 6, 2003 at 12:29 pm by flerly.

I tried to give you warning but everyone ignores me
Told you everything loud and clear
But Nobody’s Listening
Called to you so clearly
But you don’t want to hear me
Told you everything loud and clear
But Nobody’s Listening

It took a while of continuous play, but this Meteora CD has finally grown on me. Two thumbs up. I laughed. I cried…or something. I guess I took the advice of the hyper-happy Leslie Sansone, “Stick with that, it’s so good for you. Stick with it. It’s good.”

Good, unlike this terrible flavored coffee this morning. Ugh. I’m not even supposed to be having coffee, but have talked myself into a mere one cup with no more caffeine for the rest of the day. How can I enjoy my indulgence with this horrid crap somebody brewed? It smelled so good, all the way in the back, here, that it wore down my willpower and lured me into the breakroom, but now the aftertaste haunts me. Punishment for my weak will, perhaps. Blech. Must go boil my tongue. Funny how I managed to swallow 3/4 of the cup before I actually tasted it.

I want to post a little work gripe, but I think that one better be friends only.

So instead I’ll do a Matrix gripe. From what I hear, I would have enjoyed the 3rd one more had I taken the time to watch the 2nd one again before going… but it’s not like I didn’t remember it. I think people were just impressed how it just picked right up where they left off. Visually, I enjoyed this one much more. Not so many little nitpicky errors? glitches in the Matrix? as the 2nd one that bothered me–especially during the second viewing at the IMAX. Revolutions certainly wrapped up the story, maintained the consistency of most of the characters, etc., but well, I think the final treatment of Neo really bothered me the most.

Perhaps I do need to see #2 again, but it seemed to me that at the end, Neo is using his mind to destroy the machines, and the burning question at the end is “how is he controlling this ‘real’ world like he does the ‘matrix?” So as the final trailers hinted, #3 starts out by “answering” that question by suggesting that Neo wasn’t really back in the ‘real’ world… he was somewhere between. Does that suggest that what happened at the end of #2 wasn’t actually ‘real’? that it was some sort of Matrix construct outside the Matrix world? It seemed to, and from there the movie went on to make some sense from that. Fast forward to the wrap-up, though, and now Neo is a God in the ‘real real’ world, where he still has the power to see the world as he does the Matrix, affect Machines, and even overcome his blindness. Was this again not really the real world? Was it the real world both times? If so, why the ‘Neo is stuck in between’ plotline at all? Did we just see the end of the real world of the Matrix or the construct of the ‘real world’? Are those people really free of the Matrix? If I’m blatantly forgetting some plot point, please correct me. I am honestly confused.

Ugh.. I’m giving myself a headache. I do want to do a Matrix marathon soon, watch the first two then see the new one again. Can’t deny I enjoy them, even if they do mess with my head in trying to understand the philosophy going on. Guess that’s what they intended.

Oh well. Work beckons with so many interruptions this has taken hours to finish writing. That should be my signal to shut up. Perhaps it is. It’s lunchtime after all.

Let me just finish by saying is too funny.


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  1. piskie has made a Comment

    well, during the conversation with the oracle, they were talking about the power he had, and the source, etc. you already saw him use his power to blast the sentinals. i think its not that hes controlling the machine world, but more that hes part of it. hes connected to it. he was still blind, but he could sense the energy of the machines. that connection, if my thoughts on the matter are to be believed, is what caught him in the train station. he wasnt jacked into the matrix, so he wasnt there, but he was close. the train station was kind of like the halfway house for machines that didnt belong in the machine world (the indian family) and humans that didnt belong in the human world (neo was intimately connected with the machines as well in the matrix. i dont think he really belonged in zion). in terms of the final ending, neo and the machines made a deal. the humans havent been freed, but theyve agreed to stop fighting. because of neo, the machines still have the matrix, but theyve agreed to leave the humans that excaped into zion alone. thats what the oracle was saying to the architecht at the end, “what about those that escaped?” in a way tho, i think she was talking both about the humans that escaped out of the matrix, and the programs that excaped into it.

    ok, im rambling. i too am rather confused and need to watch the second one again.

    November 6, 2003 @ 4:44 am

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