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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, November 12, 2003 at 3:13 pm by flerly.

So, I found this “house/dance/techno” radio station to set the clock radio to, and woke up to Ian Van Dalh – Castles in the Sky. Was interesting… got right up, danced my way to the shower… but now, that freaking song is stuck in my head. That’s a feat, too, considering that we’re tuned into the hair-band station on the satellite radio tuner in the rental car and we sang “Girl don’t go away mad. Girl just go away…” on the way to work.

I’m possessed. I’m drinking beer. *blech* Well, not at the moment, but in the airport, on the plane, at dinner, after dinner, in the hotel bar until midnight… beer, beer, and more beer. Apparently team building goes well with beer.

Learning some interesting Atlanta office stories I wasn’t privy to before, which I’ll have to save for later.

Getting lots done, but still enjoying myself. After dinner last night we ventured a couple blocks walk to the beach. It was dark and cool, but still… relaxing to be at the ocean, standing in the sand, listening to the waves roll in. The houses on that stretch of beach… whoa.. kick ass. Not huge, just unique… small, artsy… hammered metal doors, 3 levels with a rooftop garden, all lit with muted colored lights… made the view from the beach pretty cool, too.

Oh well.. it’s lunchtime in the OC.

Happy Birthday, Wayne!

PS: Oh! Forgot to mention.. got invited to attend the company Christmas party today. It’ll be held Dec. 19th in Santa Ana… transportation not provided. I’ll be sure and put that on the calendar.


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  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    heehee, i listend to that Motley Crue cd the other night especially to hear “Don’t Go Away Mad”.

    November 12, 2003 @ 7:20 am

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