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The end of an era?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 at 2:33 pm by flerly.

The final Tuesday. The final cheese day. It’s over. Now we must find a new way to keep in touch. *sigh*

So much for buying up some cheap extra computers and chairs… the sidewalk sale is a bust. FNIS will not authorize it… the quote: “They are afraid we’ll make too much money off of it.” They want to lose money here so they can write it off. They’re taking offers from liquidators (you’d have to haul the shit off) for the whole lot. It’s absurd.

I want to babble on here all day. It’s hard to work here today, not that there isn’t enough to do. Not surprisingly the rest of FNIS has no sympathy for those of us being evicted out here, attempting to work while shit is boxed up and carried out around them. Worst news of all… I got a “hold up on that” when I asked about getting a cell phone for work at home use. Bad sign I think. I’ve been pleased to hear that Privacy Director blocks any attempts at KC or Cali offices trying to call me at home, so a cell phone will be required, unless they intend to correspond solely by e-mail. Unless they don’t intend to correspond other than to send the pink slip. Apparently this week’s reorg has us “secure” through Jan 1, though.

The good part about working from home for a month or two (at least) …. I control my diet, time to exercise, time to work on my portfolio site, and time to look for a new job without having to report in every day.

Anywho… now how to spend the rest of this day. Perhaps I’ll begin loading up my car with things I’ll need for the home-office.

And oh.. where oh where is the Skittles. I must speak with her about time-sheets and shiznit…


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    November 18, 2003 @ 7:43 am

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