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kill me, kill me now

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, November 19, 2003 at 11:19 am by flerly.

So busy. This working from home thing is going to be so hard. I know I’ve done it before full time… in Knoxville, but that was a lot slower pace, a lot more design work, and a ton less people checking up on every little thing via email instead of just reading the worklog in the tickets.

Working on two computers at the same time is confusing, too, but will be necessary to utilize our VPN and stay online and in touch. Thankfully it won’t actually be working on this crappy laptop fulltime. It was my intention to not mail this back until after Thanksgiving, but it seems to be having issues with the VPN stuff itself.

Ugh… made the very large mistake of sitting down last night to check email and found a flurry of “urgent” messages from California which would have meant I had a lovely shitstorm this morning if I didn’t handle them soon. So, yes, at going on 11pm last night I was cranking out issues and replying to all those emails. Handled it all without interruption last night, but of course circa 8 am California time got “flurried” again — at least this time it was “thank yous”.

Working at home today just to catch up. The office is too insane right now, no matter how much I might want to see these people in person a bit more. Home office has no sympathy for the packing/moving/distracting scenario that’s going on. Now, though, plenty of work behind me I require a nice, hot, neck-pain relieving shower before I tackle the rest of the pile for the day.


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