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RAWK! \m/

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, December 2, 2003 at 12:44 pm by flerly.

Just a list of songs I want to find. so I donut forget.

From Radio Sunnydale, UK Version
1. Buffy Main Title Theme – The Breeders
2. Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols
3. Everybody got their something – Nikka Costa
4. Score Season 1 – Chris Beck
5. Key – Devics
6. Sound of the Revolution – Lunatic Calm
7. Ballad For Dead Friends – Dashboard Prophets
8. Blue – Angie Hart
9. Pavlov’s Bell – Aimee Mann
10. That Kind of Love – Alison Krauss
11. Sink or Float – Aberdeen
12. Still Life – Patty Medina
13. Blackcat Bone – Laika
14. Just as Nice – Man of the Year
15. I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Melaine Doane
16. Sun Keeps Shining On Me – Fonda
17. Runaway – Halo Friendies
18. Summerbreeze – Eimilana Torrino
19. Sugar Water – Cibo Matto
20. The Final fight (original Score) – Rob Duncan
21. Buffy Theme – Nerf Herder

Radio Sunnydale US Version (differences)
2. Stop Thinking About It – Joey Ramone
9. Pavlov’s Bell – Aimee Mann
10. There’s No Other Way – Blur
11. Prayer of Saint Francis – Sarah McLachlan

Oh, and I just finished making a couple required Christmas lists for JT’s fam, and I can’t believe I forgot to include Firefly. Perhaps its because I want to run out and buy it the minute after it hits the shelves.


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