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Were are ye goin’? — Me? I’m goin’ ta pick a fight.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, December 4, 2003 at 12:14 pm by flerly.

My morning…

1) Receive a phone call 11am. “Why are you not on our conference call?”
2) Asked Marc for the call info because outlook crashed
3) Got on call. Managed to reboot. Managed to login to outlook… all problems caused by FNIS services changing my logins from kijohnson to kthornton last night.
4) Pulled up only invitation to conference call I had and confirmed it said Dec 24th at 10:30 and not Dec 4th, as in today. It did say the 24th.
5) Bite my tongue not to ask all the jerks on the call how THEY knew to be on it.
6) Bite my tongue not to start discussing stupid email replies from stupid Santa Ana jerks about how his team has the last and final word on what size photos we are EVER going to display, and read how he makes me look like a putz for “stretching” our photos and making them distorted.
7) Write angry email about how my “stretching” photos was actually me hardcoding a width on ONE filter page, 2 1/2 years ago, before his ass had a team to do anything, and point out how it wasn’t “stretching” anything until his team deciding to stop resizing our downloaded photos at 350 pixels wide, and do 225 pixels wide “to save space” and not bother to tell anyone.
8) Re-read angry “Should I go back in time and NOT set photos to that width to avoid fucking with your team’s power struggle in the future?” email seven or eight times until I am satisfied it would get me a good talking to…
9) Compose new, intelligent, point-making email which says the same thing in more professional terms, and manage to work in something about “going back in time”.
10) Hang up from conference call, on which I was not required to speak or acknowledge anything at all, which was good, since I had to mute it and answer the door anyway.
11) Send point-making email to all who were cc’d and include a few more old Comstock folks for good measure.
12) Forward my conference call notice that said “Dec 24th” to the group who were on the call and ask them if we’re still having one on the 24th since we had one today, and ask them to share whatever mind reading method they had that let them know David Boyd meant today and not 20 days from today.

*sigh* and now, at 20 after noon, think I might try to actually DO some work instead of just argue with people all morning.

Note: 13) Do a little dance of joy at the various individual replies of “You go girl!” to my point-making email.



  1. skjarl has made a Comment

    I am so glad I never see any of this bullshit at MS. I sure don’t miss it from RMA.

    December 4, 2003 @ 4:52 am

  2. goaticusmaximus has made a Comment

    You go girl!

    December 4, 2003 @ 5:24 am

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