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I miss “that dorkus from Kansas City”….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, December 11, 2003 at 3:07 pm by flerly.

Michelle, who identifies herself to Privacy Director as “That dorkus from Kansas City”, called me about work crap. We already had an email go this week where our fonts got increasingly larger and more obnoxious to compensate for her admitted blindness…. and silliness.

Don’t you want to move to Kansas City?
Um… I miss you, but Kansas City.. NO!
Oh, come on, we got four inches of snow and ice last night.
Oh, loverly… what say we all just move to Florida?
No no… Hawaii… yes. Let’s all move to Hawaii.

That’s it. She’s a convert. Someday, everyone I know will be living with me in a big commune in Hawaii. =)

Where my ears will only ache like this from swimming in the ocean too much and not these stinking sinuses.

Btw… rumor has it that I got an early Christmas present… I think it was a supposed to be laptop. Wonder where it is? I think it shall remain a rumor until such time as I actually get to touch it. =)


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