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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, December 13, 2003 at 1:22 pm by flerly.

I think perhaps there is something to be said for heeding expiration dates on liquor after all. Well, it wasn’t so much an “expiration date” as it was that typical “best if enjoyed by” date… and it was only a couple months over… and it still smelled fine… and it still tasted fine…

… and boy did somebody wake up nauseous this morning, feeling like alcohol had kicked their ass when they really only had two cups of coffee with a generous shot of Baileys in each, not nearly enough for the ass-kicking.

Finally made it out of the house last night, to Lone Star, which I have to say, has a pretty good rep with me for consistently good food for the money. Their staff is always shorthanded and the result is always service that can hardly be called service, but still… worth it, I think. We enjoyed a pitiful substitute for birthday cake afterwards, in the form of a “brownie blast” or some such. Must get mom to whip out that “cooking paraphernalia” she has and bake us a real 3-layer yellow cake with nummy chocolate frosting at some point over the holidays. Anyway… Happy really late birthday, Bradley.

I wish I could say the 4+ hours we spent last night listening to bad old country music had gotten that shit out of my system, but alas, I don’t think it ever will. Whether I enjoy it or not, whether I sing along or not, that stuff makes me think of Dad, and that I do enjoy. All the gold will always be in California, and I’ll always love to hear about it… especially while sitting around the poker table with friends getting their liquor on. It was an enjoyable night.

Just wish the morning after had gone better. Whew. But, thankfully I feel much better now. Breakfast better. But alas, JamesT is out with his uncle “Brain” at the Ferrari dealership. Brian’s got the in with those guys after many years of producing very detailed Ferrari models for model car shows, which if I’m not mistaken have even been on display at the dealership. Being a girl of the type that simply says “ooh pretty red car” I couldn’t tell ya what’s up at the dealership today, but I think they got something new in and they boyz had to check it out. Bet JamesT is having fun on five hours sleep on top of a new found love of Ketel One. Hope they come back hungry.

Well, I missed my opportunity to call annoying manager man in California at 4 am. Just talked to Marc, though, who was one of my comrade’s in crime yesterday at the LOTR: The Two Towers. He reports that annoying manager man called him at: 2:30, 3:15, 4:30, and 6:45, as well as emailed 4 times in between those times and some more after 8 and 9. As for myself, I only had one voicemail from about 4:40ish, then an email sometime after 8 wondering why I never called him back.

Oh well.. shit. JamesT is back will a camera full of pictures and a full belly. Bastid. Guess I’ll figure something out.


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