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“The Standard Deviants”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, December 15, 2003 at 12:44 am by flerly.

Nothing to say, really….

1) Still feel crappy sick, primarily this nagging ear-ache on the left side. Tired of draining sinuses. Just tired. Getting plenty of sleep, but not feeling any better. I swear I think I could just lay down for a week solid. Perhaps it’s too much sleep. Who knows.

2) Kitty says hi. She is ticked off that I now frequently have a computer in my lap now when I’m lounging about in the recliner in front of the tv. It is the ultimate of laziness. Seriously… somebody just needs to build a toilet into this chair or something. My next purchase will have to be one of those TV remote control watches for times like this when JT has left it on Georgia Public Television on some Math series and I’m too lazy to get up and get the remote control. Oh well, guess I’m learning Algebra while I type.

3) Wondering if I’ve been feeling sick because I slacked off on exercising regularly. I think I took a break because I was feeling bad, but now I’m just feeling bad all the time. Does anybody know if some moderate exercise makes sinus problems worse? Does anybody know why I don’t just get up in the mornings and try it to find out? Wait, I do. Lazy. Bed feels good.

4) I took ediets free profile. They suggested Atkins. Aren’t they clever. I signed up to take a look at their menus and other support material. It’s crap. I already cancelled. I don’t need them to tell me the holidays are stressful and prone to cause weight gain due to all the gatherings, goodies, etc. I only wish I’d thought of charging people $5 a week to listen to me babble things that are common sense.

5) Would you care to hear about prime factorization of a composite number? Neither would I. Where is that damn remote. I should message JT to come back and change the channel for me. Told you I was lazy.

6) I have a lot to do this week for work. I don’t know how I’m going to fit it all in between sleeping all day and working in 7 showings of the new LOTR movie. Of course, I’ll be spending most of Monday watching the trailer over and over. Tuesday I’ll be doing my voodoo rituals to curse all of those people I know who got Trilogy Tuesday tickets with a maddening thirst and a shrunken bladder for the day.

7) My worst fear happened today. I went to Best Buy, pay check freshly deposited, only to find that Firefly was sold out. JT said I sorta looked like I’d lost my best friend. I had to come home and just look at the picture of it on Amazon and let my cursor hover over the “Buy Now” for a while before I felt better. That Best Buy just sucks. It’s out there.

8) *sigh* Oh well. I’ve babbled enough. Can’t get up. Thirsty, though. Ugh. Guess I’ll just sit here and try my hand at some more online poker.


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  1. anonymous has made a Comment

    And I thought I was lazy! 😉

    I now know where to get my laughs for the day. Hope you get to feeling better. FWIW, you’re not the only one that stopped exercising. The saddest part is that I have free access to a gym 7 floors below me and I _still_ haven’t used it since May.


    December 15, 2003 @ 12:30 am

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