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work gripe…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, December 16, 2003 at 10:59 am by flerly.

FYI, my job is “implementation”. I want to hunt that account management chick down with a chainsaw. Bet she didn’t think I’d be forwarded on her consoling message to sales about how implementation always sucks.

It went like this…

Email from David Rhoades to sales guy: 5pm yesterday. “The requested changes to the customer’s site will be done this evening.”

Email from me to David Rhoades: 7pm yesterday. “The changes are done.”

Email from David Rhoades to me AND sales guy: 8:30am today. “Changes are done, BUT this photo needs to be scooted over more I think, and I think you added too much spacing.”

Email from me to David Rhoades: 9:15 am today. “Your additional changes are done.”

Email from Annoying California Micromanager man to me: 10am. “I assume some of the changes you did for David Rhoades reverted. Please prioritize finishing this site today.”

Me: WTF?!? Reverted. Oh shit. I look at the site. It is fine. I take a moment to look further down the email trail that he has forwarded me with this new request.

It contains….

Forward of email from David Rhoades to sales guy about further changes being sent to graphics, 8:35am.

Forward of whiny email from sales guy to head of account management, complaining that we are a day late on finishing changes and he is the one going to be in the line of fire with the customer because implementation can’t get it’s shit together.

Forward of consoling email from head of account management back to sales guy, carbon copying everyone in her address book BUT me, saying she knows that implement ion can’t meet deadlines and that’s always what the case has been, and don’t we just cause all sorts of headaches with sales. Outrage, outrage, outrage, somebody really should talk to implementation about it.

Then the aforementioned message to me about how changes must have reverted or something, because he KNOWS I wouldn’t miss the damn deadline.

At first, I exercised a modicum of self control to only reply to annoying California micromanager guy with a WTF? This site was done yesterday by 7pm est, which was before end of day California time, where all these jerks are located. NEW changes came in THIS morning and were done 45 minutes later. They were, in fact, done before whiny sales guy in California had even woken up and checked his email. Tell him to get a grip or I will make note of which deadlines I will start missing on purpose.

Then I realized that the forward from annoying manager guy had come from his Blackberry, and thus he was probably on the road and not likely to pass on my intended message. So I forwarded my message to him again (this time carbon copying head of account management and David Rhoades) adding a brief list of the outstanding items on the site, which are in fact, all the result of that information not having been provided to us yet by the customer. So, if the sales guys wants to put anybody in the “line of fire” tell him to get that info from the customer so we can finish their damn site.

Now I’m just grumpy. Bastids.


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