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The calm before the storm…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, December 18, 2003 at 3:53 pm by flerly.

I was right.. Michelle being sick has increased my workload for the next four days. Yes, four. Saturday and Sunday included. Of course, it all depends on Marc sending me all the material he had already sent her, so I have a few minutes while I wait on that. There were 3 sites on my schedule. There are now 14, not including a SNAFU I noticed which has to be fixed on all our (25) KC Sites.

In happy news… took a quick lunch break and managed to very reasonably send my sis’s Christmas goodies her way. Went so fast that I decided to walk through some of the little shops by the UPS store, including Grand Harbor Imports and Tuesday Morning. I should have bought that cool sun-catcher, outdoor thermometer thing they had on clearance. It was blue glass with a dragonfly and only $9, but alas, I did not. Made a quick grocery store run for dinner foods, then made it home all in an hour. Even enjoyed being waved at by a couple goofy kids who were crossing in front of me at the red light. All in all, a good use of a lunch hour to improve my mood.

Of course, the hour conference call where we went over all the shit on my schedule has done a nice job of readjusting that mood.

Oh well. JT is in Sun training today. He should get off work early, which would be cool, if I could slack off and do anything fun. But, not today my good man. Tomorrow, though, we’re having a Christmas luncheon up in Kennesaw with the remaining Comstock folks, and then tomorrow night I’ve got a Christmas dinner with the girls at Ruby Tuesday. I had sorta planned to goof at home with poker, etc, Friday night, but I will probably be working. I hope Kit will accept my offer to postpone that in lieu of our Christmas Eve get together.

Anywho… the emails have started to arrive. Must brew up pot of coffee and get my work on.

Note: Ring, ring… 15 sites. Curse.


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