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i r teh tired

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, December 21, 2003 at 1:32 am by flerly.

Well, not a total waste of a day.

Christmas get together with the girls Friday night was just what I needed to make up for what is in contention as one of the shittiest days ever… as in the day my workload turned to shit, the day the FNIS grinch stole Christmas, and the day UPS decided they needed my Christmas gifts more than my sister did. Yes, UPS called to tell me my package was “leaking”, it wasn’t crushed, though.. just leaking, and they considered it totally ruined and had trashed it. Oh, and no, we won’t insure it because it wasn’t properly itemized, even though she managed to tell me item for item what was in the box… since they had opened it… since I didn’t itemize it… screw me. Money down the drain. End of story.

But anyway, seeing the girls was great… LONG time no see… too long… but, alas, something I had for dinner (could it be the pork rinds and wine?!?) had me deathly ill and attempting sleep curled up in the bathroom for a while once I got home… so I guess I should say Christmas dinner was just a bright spot in the day that had more love to give.

Anywho… after an unplanned sleeping in this morning, JT and I managed to tackle the remainder of our Christmas to do list, then come home for some serious Saturday slacking. I think we’ve been planted in front of the tv since about 6. Watched Adaptation, interesting, and rewatched Live from Baghdad, reruns of MXC, including 50 million James Bond and Girls gone wild whatever commercials (Thank you SpikeTV), and now Monster Garage and Monster House. Gave in and pulled out an early Christmas present of the Fargo special edition DVD (which JT has never seen), but I think he was unimpressed. Oh well. I told him all his gifts were lame, and half for me anyway.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten several good hours of use in on this laptop sitting in front of the tv… did about all the work I can do without the VPN. Need to do that tomorrow… install the VPN on here, WinSCP, Dreamweaver, Photochopshop and whatever else I can think of so I can be lazy and productive all at the same time. Tomorrow will be marathon site design day, as I have to finally sit down and do all that extra work that has to be done this weekend.

Ugh. Oh well.. enough of this computer crap. Perhaps I can convince someone to throw in that Fargo DVD… or else I’m gwan to bed to ponder the meaning of “retro future.”



  1. signde has made a Comment

    fuck ups those cocksuckers.

    u guys got wireless in the apt? nothing beats sitting on the couch with the laptop wireless styleee.

    December 21, 2003 @ 3:52 pm

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    Nah.. no wireless yet. That’ll be for next summer’s “by the pool” phase of laptop laziness. For, I simply rest assured that JT has a network cable run to everywhere in the apartment.

    December 22, 2003 @ 2:30 am

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