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*sigh* Make the time slow down…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, December 24, 2003 at 12:16 pm by flerly.

Got so much done already this morning, but there’s still so much left to do.

Urgent call from Marc first thing this morning led into conference call with Cali-Mgr-Guy. He had sent Marc an email at about 1am our time asking him to call him FIRST THING when he began his work day today. Well, at shortly after 8am when he got the email, Mark couldn’t bring himself to call the guy at slightly after 5am his time. So, he decides to put it off, only to receive a call shortly after 9:30 from the guy wanting to know why he hadn’t called…

It went something like this:

CMG: What time did you get started today?
Marc: About 8 a.m.
CMG: Why didn’t you call me?
Marc: I didn’t want to call you at 5 a.m., I figured I’d wait until at least 7 your time.
CMG: That’s not what the email said. The email said “When you start your workday”. You need to read your emails.

Anywho, Marc has decided that he’ll have no problem calling him at 5 am again. Or 4 a.m. Or whatever time it just occurs to him to ring the guys’ phone. I agree.

Oh the HOME front… tonight we shall eat, drink and be merry. The alcohol shall be flowing. Got some nummy Riesling I like, plus some red wine to do the mulled spice wine thing later. I’m so excited. I want to start drinking now. I even spent $5 on four wine glasses, since we had only one in the house. Tonight we’re too serious of alcoholics to be drinking our wine out of coffee mugs.

Well, have three mockups and two sites to put live then I can stop and start on my dessert for tonight. No word from Skittles, yet, but if you read this, dear one, I intend to do my best to make sure the rest of your day goes better than the morning. Tonight we shall eat, drink, drink some more, game, drink some more, laugh, eat, drink some more, and be merry.


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