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I was about to say….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, December 29, 2003 at 10:24 am by flerly.

How nice it has been to not touch a computer for several days, but that’s not accurate since I’ve been using the laptop to play games. So I guess I mean… no internet. No LJ. No e-mail. No chat. No, thank you.

This whole taking the laptop on the road so it might be possible for me to do some work, yeah.. well, in the world where most everyone we know has dial-up and it ties up their only phone line…. Nah gah dah.

But, well, we’re back. I’ve put off starting work today as long as I can afford to, and now I’m just mildly wondering how much work I’d get done with the DVD player hooked up so I can watch Firefly.

Got to see about all the Chattanooga folks we knew… Nick & Mandy & the new baby, but missed Angela, Dennis, & Ivy coming through town. We didn’t start home until after 7 last night, and traffic… ick…

“Brain” got himself a playstation 2, which is what we mostly did for the week. ATV Off Road Fury came with it, with a kick-ass yet frustrating ice-hockey game.

Jenny is back with Mark, so they came in together. She was all sick and mostly slept. They’re planning another January snowboarding trip that James declined. He wants to go again, but it’s just too much for too short notice, and I think the bruises of the last trip are haunting him a bit.

James’ Aunt Iris and her fiancĂ© came in. They urge us to visit them and tour New York. He’s a great cook and a great tour guide, she says.

Cousin Wayne was there too. Last year James gave his grandfather his old electric guitar, because he’d been wanting to try to play an electric one. His fingers are bad, though, and he has trouble playing anything anymore, so this Christmas, he passed it on to cousin Wayne, who was speechless for quite a while at the gift. James was happy. That whole fam-damily is too musically inclined. They got downright belligerent when insisting I needed to play Silent Night for them on the piano. I finally ducked out while they were arguing amongst themselves at how many years of piano lessons they thought I’d had, and rejoined the boys at the Playstation.

The granddaughters that James’ mom is keeping gave up their room for us to stay there. They were going to stay with their mom the next day anyway, so it was just one night, but sure enough… in mid-shower at about 1:30 a.m., we had a sleepy little visitor make her way into the room to use the bathroom. I’m not sure how old Hannah is… five maybe? I pulled the shower curtain back to peek out because we’d heard a noise, and looked right down on a sleepy little girl sitting on the pot with her eyes still shut. I let out a short little squeal of surprise which caused her to look up and see me. Then her lips made this big round O of surprise face, I closed the curtain to let her finish, and she creaped away back out. She told JT’s mom the next morning that she didn’t remember anybody was in there, and only on her way back out did she notice the shower was running, the lights were all on, and the TV was going. At least she managed to sleep walk from the sofa on the other end of the house TO a bathroom and didn’t end up trying to go someplace weird.

Oh well… that’s enough babble. Need coffee or something and to focus on some work.


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