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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, January 1, 2004 at 7:43 pm by flerly.

An Lj-friend pointed this site out… Discovery Health National Body Challenge, begins Jan 10th.

Well, killed this day with a whole lot of sleep, and boy it felt good. Hot shower, little shopping, got my 2004 cheap calendar– Corvettes, of course. Picked up, oggled, and seriously considered the Dukes of Hazard Calendar, but alas… dream cars won out. Managed to spend a holiday gift certificate and just generally goof off…. nice and relaxing. And now… goofing on the laptop.

Can’t get Hobbit to run without stupid constant weapons changing again… really must ask JT how to disable this touch pad, since I can’t seem to figure it out. But, oh well… caught a lot of the Mythbusters marathon, and in a few minutes, best of American Chopper. We are tv geeks.

Both of us have to work tomorrow, but probably Saturday I’ll go goof some more and spend another holiday gift card. Gift Cards rock. Someday I’ll teach JT’s step-sis to give them instead of passing off Mormon-turtleneck sweaters at me every year. Why bother asking what would be a good gift if you’re just going to go to the same JC Penney sweater sale you always do? Anybody know where there’s a JC Penney down here? Seems like last year I ended up visiting mom and exchanging crap up there. Jeez. I complain too much. I’m lucky to have received so much for Christmas anyway. Someday I’ll learn not to be bitchy and cynical and just appreciate people.

Oh well… best get done here so I can find out all about how cola can be used for spermacide.


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