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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, January 5, 2004 at 1:16 pm by flerly.

[11:48] Marc: on map_search.fpl, is there a way to add some verbiage like… please click on a state to begin your search or something like that.
[11:49] Kim: “choose a state” is insufficient for you?
[11:49] Kim: you calling the average web user a retard?
[11:50] Marc: it just looks so barren, can you add a dancing Jesus?
[11:50] Kim: now why didn’t you just SAY so

Along with this silly exchange, I think I just had one of the best Monday mornings possible….

First, I get a very sweet reply to my “where we were a year ago” email from my niece.

Second, she manages to get around her work issues to get MSN working and actually CHAT with me this morning! W00t! W00t! W00t! I love it… when we chat, I can just picture her… I can hear her voice.. and it’s almost as good as being there in person. And, well, since we’re lucky to arrange the in person stuff once a year, I’m sure damn glad she’s back online, since I apparently have a phone phobia of some kind.

I don’t know when it happened, but I know it’s been around for a while. I don’t call people, except Mom, unless there is concrete, unavoidable reason to do so, and even then I have probably put it off for a couple days longer than I should have. People are busy. Who wants to have their life interrupted by that annoying phone ring? Mom, I’m fairly sure only claims to be busy, and even if she is busy, it is only playing cards on the computer, so I am pretty confident that when I call her, I won’t be disturbing anything. For everyone else, though… all bets are off.

I’m just not a phone person. Heck, from California I tried calling home and just felt like a goober on the phone. I’m just convinced everyone has something better to do that hear from me for no real reason. I can’t just call somebody and say, “what’s up? what’re you doing? how’ve you been?” and then talk about myself at random. I think I journal to get most of my desire to talk about my day out so I don’t have to burden the unwilling with hearing about it. God forbid I tried to tell a quick anecdote last night at dinner and was quickly notified by JT how he’d already overheard that story, in that sweet, I wouldn’t want to make you feel stupid, way that he has. See why I don’t talk to people?

Ugh.. anyway. This is a fine cup of coffee. It was worth waiting all these days to have again. Coffee has probably been contributing to my stress and consumption of heartburn medicine, so I’m cutting back until I get a grip. I’ve really slacked off on my exercising to manage stress for the last, oh.. three months? I was doing so great before that, but I feel like I’ve lost a lot of ground. So, I guess using the new year as an excuse to start it up again isn’t actually a resolution…. just a reminder: Stop finding excuses.

Oh well. I’m still so happy about talking to Angela. =) I already worked out today. Good coffee. JT is off work. I have a late Christmas gift in the mail. (WOW a present from somebody in my family… nutty, that!) It’s a pretty good day!


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