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Before it’s too late…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, January 8, 2004 at 11:42 pm by flerly.

let me just wish Billy happy birthday! He said he is officially an “old fart”…. so I wonder if that means he’s thirty now.

Oh well… the weather held out well enough for tonight. Managed to get to Powder Springs for some Tiger & Magoo time (& Chester time). Paella dinner, courtesy Magoo, Elvis flick, courtesy Tiger, much drool, courtesy Chester. Then we were off to Little Five to the Star Bar, or more specifically the Elvis shrine. Last year’s trip went well, Elvis granted all our wishes (as promised by the sign!!) I guess we’ll see how he does this year. I sure hope it wasn’t a bad idea to go on his birthday, at a time when he was likely to have been beckoned by wellwishers elsewhere….

The King of Rock & Roll would have been 69 today. My mother will be 69 next month.

Maggie says, “You know… I bet he’s still alive, living somewhere in Florida, and for the past several years he’s been on Atkins, living right and looking fine for being 69.”

I say, “Or, he could be crazy, holed up in some house somewhere, living like a hermit, addicted to soap operas and computer solitare, spying on his neighbors, and complaining his kids never call.”

And then Zak tried to buy us drinks. Zak, you know, the half-asleep/high/angry/drunken/we’re not sure biker guy, who lost the ping pong game because one of the colored spotlights was in his face. But we declined. We were content with our one drink (Blue Hawaii for Stacy) and our two-year-old copy of Hustler, left conveniently on our table. Unfortunately someone had torn out the article about Karaoke porn that the cover teased about, so I guess we’ll never know where (else) to go to show off our porn moaning talents to the general public.

Did I mention Thursday night is cock night at the Star Bar? Where men get in free, and cock rules, or so sayeth the sign. The bar and tables were strewn with porn, and the place was full of men….. and us, of course.

Should have played ping pong. Probably could have beaten a drunk guy. Oh well. Must retire to shower off the cigarette smoke nastiness.

Hail to the King, baby.

Note: The Star Bar’s Elvis Birthday bash is Saturday night, if anybody cares to go.


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