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This is Saturday? Great…..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 11:56 am by flerly.

Man I hate being poor, and if I hear one more person comment that I can’t complain because I’ve got James for a sugar daddy, somebody is gonna get hurt… All this anger a result of renewing a bad personal trend–cash advances on next paychecks, and of spending the morning figuring up monthly bills on a dreary Saturday.

Blah… must think brighter thoughts. Last night.. The Vault, radio-hyped 80s mecca club, overall blew chunks. Of course, we got there too early, it was freezing, the drinks were terrible, the music was blah. The cover band was okay, but not providing the dancing music I was craving.. then the DJ was okay, but again, not providing the music I wanted to hear. We made a meager, for myself pitiful, attempt to dance, but overall I think I spent the last hour regretting having brought up going dancing at all. I miss Amiaba… thinking of dancing. I’m tired of group shit, I want a lunatic girlfriend who’s just there for the fun and not scoping men either, who’ll just be nuts and dance with me all evening. I still talk to Amiaba — barely — and as weird as it sounds, she “types” at me like she’s mad at me. I hope not.. I really do wish she lived closer. After moving to Knoxville for a year then down here, I was thinking I might never see her again. I still have the fondest memories of the two musketeers walking around 6-flags with a constant grin on our faces because we were so high on adrenaline. I hate that she works weekends, too, but I’m glad to hear she seems to be working in the field she wants to after all this time. ER nurse sounds like a pretty tough job.

Oh well.. after The Vault, ‘s energy just wouldn’t quit, and we ended up inviting the little gang back over for games. She and I are still undefeated trivial pursuit champions, but believe me, last night it was the luck of the cards. That Bobby is a trivia-guru. He was pulling things out of nowhere, wild guesses that were right on, but in most cases, he just knew it. Thank the Trivia Gods for a chess question on our Sports and Leisure category for the win. THAT part of the evening was at least fun. Was evil by eating chips and salsa, the chips of which were a no-no after already taking up my carbs with Sushi earlier, but it was nearly 12 hours later, and technically after midnight, so I’ll just count those as todays carbs and move on.

Wish I had the dough to go to They Might Be Giants, but WILL NOT let just pay for me. It actually sounds like fun.. I only really know the five songs of theirs which I have on mp3, and I’m pretty sure they’ll play more than just those, but oh well. Can’t believe Somchanh didn’t want to go.

Need to figure out what to do with myself today. BIG Easter Plans being a bust has apparently bummed me out more than I realized. I feel terrible that mom is home alone.. well, not alone, but that i’m not there. I am NOT going to drive up, though, partially because I told mom I would NOT visit her again until she came to visit me, partially because my sister thinks I should drive up, and mostly because I dont have the dough to spend on the trip… .If I go up, I wasted money on sending flowers, and mom and aunt will expect me to take them out to dinner. Nah, better just sit tight and find something to do with myself here that isn’t totally depressing.

Today I’m thinking… laundry, dishes, trash out, litter box already reaks after only 2 days, visit grocery store to make it through the week, figure out something nice for Easter to make, maybe watch those Netflix dvds piling up downstairs, and an extra trip to the gym to make up for not going in lieu of an evening “dancing” that didn’t pan out. Man, I hate Saturdays that you wake up so bummed out that you don’t even feel like you are enjoying your day of NOT WORK. Although.. technically, this should be a day of work. I emailed stuff to myself to do, and even though I’ll be there Monday now, my internal accomplishment gauge is telling me that I’m going to be killing people trying to finish this project by end of day Monday.

Oh well.. this morning my sweetie is in love with Counterstrike more than me. Can’t blame him… I’m a bummer. Better use this hour before he gets home for an attitude check on myself. And a shower…



  1. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    don’t be disappointed. it’s not even 2:00…err…not that THAT means anything. hmm. i’ll try again.

    since i’m secretly really bummed to not be going to oklahoma for easter and spending it with my family (umm, this would really be mom, niece, nephew, and dog) we can spend this weekend making sure the other thinks about where we would rather be as little as possible. i’m up for whatever, even if it includes breaking the diet for a few hours to make sure my dear friend (umm, this would be you) feels better. 🙂

    being poor sucks ass, and disappointing friday nights seriously blow. i’ve resigned myself to the suckiness of weekends in general, i guess because i’m always dreading mondays. like today–i woke up and my first thought was, “shit. i only have one more day to sleep late before i have to go back to work”. and it ruins a saturday very easily. i think when we move to hawaii, we need cool jobs, say, running our own really cool (and successful) business. that way, we get the best of both worlds–doing what we want and not having to answer to a boss if we want to sleep in. or maybe we just need to cross our fingers and win the lottery. whatever works.

    i feel so old, being tired on fridays and too blah to go out on saturdays. i guess somewhere inside me, my fun/up-for-anything-crazy girl got tired of screaming at the rest of me and gave up. she needs to be reawakened, i admit. like your friend amiaba, i have a friend at home i miss like crazy, who was always up for going out and getting crazy, not necessarily to meet guys. we were always the two inseparable muskateers. if people we barely knew saw one of us out someplace without the other, they would be shocked and say “where’s your cronie? i thought the two of you were surgically attached at the hip or something?” coincidentally, she’s the one moving to honolulu.

    anyhoo, you’re out of the shower now, in the kitchen, and jim is being freaky on the stairs, hiding behind your computer. i’m gonna go.

    March 30, 2002 @ 6:38 am

  2. aoide has made a Comment

    yeah, my energy wouldn’t quit but i paid for it today. So what time is it? 3:30, and I’m just now having breakfast? Yeah, its has to be made up someplace. So would it change the stuation if I already had the extra ticket and it was going to go to waste? and the money had come from my mom anyway who had set me birthday money? I totally understand the yuck of being poor. I know it all too well. Thats all the moe reaon togo out and find stuff to do that takes no meny. I have that down to an art! I amthe queen of bad money management.

    March 30, 2002 @ 8:38 am

  3. viciouslysweet has made a Comment

    Kim I don’t know why you are complaining about not having money. You have James to be your *cough* sugar daddy! You should be thankful! =) hee heee

    ::: runs and hides before kim swings at me with a meat cleaver:::

    April 1, 2002 @ 2:33 am

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