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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, January 13, 2004 at 12:06 pm by flerly.

Happy late Birthday (Sunday) to Dennis. Happy late Birthday (Yesterday) to Peach, er Pete. (Ivy called him Peach once apparently, and it seems to have stuck with some people.) Mom was kind enough to send me an e-card today, which though it says it is ‘just a reminder”, only serves as a taunt since it was sent after the events had passed. Thanks, mom.

I think I’ll run to the office and go through the packages to see if there is anything I want. Maybe I can find something good to send them.

Meanwhile, it seems the world has noticed I’m back up in the forties….. having more than forty open remedy issues, that is, so they are doing their best to take work off me that other people can do…. like graphics, hence Jay is back helping us. I agree it’s necessary…. I’m usually the only one, (well, Michelle is pretty damn competent, too, but her time is stretched) who can figure out and fix these remedy things, which generally involve more altering of our script filters than graphics work. Problem is, that’s the tedious crap I hate to do fulltime. On the bright side, it may all come to an end very very soon, flipping me back to exclusively design work… for our new product.

My email to Cali earned me a brief (but good) reply and the promise of a full report tomorrow via telephone call.

Addendum: SO glad I went to look for my package. It seems they hadn’t tried to deliver it to my door because the box is torn and they couldn’t be sure of the apartment number… granted, looking at it it COULD be E or F, so they left it at the office so I could pick it up by name. Of course, the office, too lazy to look up my name to see if I lived in 2321E or 2321F decided to cross out my name and address and mark it return to sender. I found it, after MUCH searching, in the pile of boxes in another room that was set be to picked up after lunch.

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