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Two days gone…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, January 18, 2004 at 11:54 pm by flerly.

As weekends go, this one has been relaxing enough. The best part of this weekend is having tomorrow off, too.

Haven’t really sat in front of the computer at all. Been reading a lot. Bought a new stack of books to read through, not including the 2004 Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market that I chickened out on. Other good stuff, though. It will happen.

Today, though… it was the day. Anniversary… a vague memory of a late night, a held up dinner, a mild argument, snow is on the ground, but the night is saved when he goes outside to fetch a dozen red roses hidden away in the trunk. He didn’t forget. They met in church. They married at 18, and they pulled off the ’til death do us part… I called mom today just to see. I couldn’t get up the nerve to bring it up, and she didn’t mention it, but I think we both know. It’s too cold and rainy today for that trip to the cemetery with her single red rose, but it may have already happened on one of the recent warmer days, or else it will soon. I didn’t get my pictures together to send — too much life going on to remember, I guess.

I’d almost let it pass for the day, when we decided to go see Big Fish, which was excellent, by the way. It touched me today, and had me crying from the can of Ensure, which hit too close to home. Interesting day to see a movie about losing your father.

Anyway. Walking away from the computer to keep up that reading trend. That’s a good one.


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