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Do something else to tick me off… go ahead…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, January 21, 2004 at 1:55 pm by flerly.

I shall now vent about an anonymous HE who used to work here locally and get on my nerves, but has since moved to Kansas City, and has had to develop new, long-distance methods of getting on my nerves. I won’t say exactly who it is, but his name starts with Bobby and ends with Sheperd.

1) HE sends a mass email to a group of local Atlanta people asking if any of us have the phone number of a specific former local co-worker who has relocated to Hawaii. HE did not, instead, just email said co-worker, who still has the same email address as ever, and ask for his new phone number. I suggested, in my reply, that HE do so. HE insisted that was too logical.

2) HE sends a general email question.. blah blah, how do I make it show the agent name on some listings and not on others? I know that HE not only shouldn’t know that, but shouldn’t ASK to know that, because that would be the signal that someone had given him access to siteconfg, and could thus make my life hell. Yet, I respond.. yatta yatta like this. There is nothing he can copy and paste, because my response is an generic as his question–no site info. I have not heard back. I am scared.

3) At nearly midnight last night, when I happen to be at the computer, HE sends another general email. How do I make blank pages in siteconfg? Now I am really scared. This is a process that requires he have the root password and shell access to the live servers. I explain, in very generic terms, the tedious process, which must be followed in order, and at the end, ask him finally why he needs to know this, since I hope to God that he won’t be able to ever do it. HE replies that it sounds too complicated and he won’t try it, and he’s just wondering because Michelle doesn’t remember how, and a lot of the Kansas City people seem to be wanting to quit, and he’s just trying to stay useful. Great.

4) Already angry with the notice of what will no doubt be a lengthy afternoon conference call about updates to a certain important customer site, I receive another email. This time, HE is asking, in a mass email to several project managers, a sales chick and me, if anyone might have the layered Photoshop files for that same certain important customer site, because they will no doubt be sending lots of requests to update their site soon, and he figured he’d just do it himself since it would be faster. Since, he’s a trained graphics person, of course. Since he’s right in the loop about what’s up with this customer. Since he was NOT included in the “need to know” about the conference call. Since he thought that some random project managers or perhaps someone in sales might have the layered Photoshop files instead of, oh, say ME the person who made them and the only graphics person he happened to include in his worthless spam. Restraining the urge to let him know he is the last person on the planet I would put in charge of graphics updates to any site, let alone such a major one, I inform him that the updates he wanted were already done, if he cared to look at the site, and that we already had a conference call scheduled today to make sure the customer is happy with them. In short, butt-out.

So.. send me something else, man. I can’t wait. In fact, CALL ME in person and ask me something. I’m less able to “be nice” over the phone, since email may be monitored, but I doubt my phone is bugged…. yet.


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  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    i don’t think it’s coincidence that HE has the initials BS – as in BullShit.

    January 21, 2004 @ 6:53 am

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